Been there. Cool place.

Damn! Nice dam. You got to take the helicopter? Looks like a high up shot.

Actually there is a bridge you can walk on that we took that photo from. But we did also take a helicopter in Vegas around it and over the city.

Here is the copter view of the dam and you can see the bridge we were on.


Looks like it's back filled up, I had heard the lake was almost empty.

Gorgeous man!

Great view. Nice .

That's a very scary Bridge you're taking the picture from...
It scares me to look over the rail... Nice picture of the dam...

My family went there some years ago.

I had to tell my daughter to stay of the dam wall, we took pictures on the dam state line, and we enjoyed the dam view of the dam lake and dam Colorado river.

We were too late to take a dam tour, and that was a dam shame. The dam gift shop was also closed.

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