Continual tour of Orumba South

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Great Morning, Steemians.
I continued my tour at Orumba South Anambra, Nigeria.
Recall, I started my tour at Anambra yesterday. See here

I kick started my second adventure ready for the day with my face cap and Phone Camera (Not a professional photographer yet).
Hopefully, I will get my travelling kits soonest.

The Sun wasn't friendly but I had to tour anyway...

Anambra is blessed with a Governor whose vision for growth and development cuts across all spheres and parts of the state even in remote communities.
Orumba South is located few kilometers away from Okigwe in Imo state, Nigeria but the former has quality roads than most parts of Imo state generally.
The beauty of my tour is that the entire Southeast, Nigeria can be toured within a day unlike Northern Nigeria whose vast expanse of land can take tourist a full day trip within just one state.
Orumba is a peaceful community.

I can't stop loving this beautiful photo I captured diagonally.
The beautiful sky escalates the lovely capture.

The roads are just so amazing.
Before now, Anambra was plagued with bad roads probably due to bad governance in the past.
Today, the state and her communities boast of quality roads, with pragmatic agricultural activities.


I strolled to the community secondary school at Ihite which is the most famous school in the community.
I wasn't allowed to take a camera capture of the school.

Another rural road set for construction.
I took a great risk walking past the construction vehicular equipment while on motion.
The roads will be ready within the first quarter of Next year hopefully and judging by the pace of work.

The road under construction above is facilitated by a Commissioner in Anambra who hails from the community


This mast serves the community in telecommunications
The community is a conventional rural community to me, it is quite developed compared to some rural areas I have visited

I can't stop my flair for Sky.
I love it so much


After the tour, I became so exhausted compared to when I started.

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