Tamolitch Blue Pool, Oregon! STUNNING Blue Water!

in travel •  2 years ago 

So @haileyscomet and I have been to some BEAUTIFUL places, but this takes the cake! The hike was so magical, like a fairy world encased is snow! And the blue water was just incredible, never seen anything like it in my life! Stay tuned for photos of the hike and my photo shoot with Hailey!






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Incredible pics! :)

Really the place is awesome. Specially water color is so beautiful like dreamy. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful view.

i enjoy your post! thanks

So this is natural?
Thought the water was edited to blue before i read the post. Nice shot

So beautiful! Must be blissful to see this!

So beautiful! Love the PNW!

A true feast for the eye! Such marvelous things make you wonder if we aren't in heaven already but we still don't know it.

Gracias por compartir con nosotros estas bellas y maravillosas imágenes, realmente fascina los ojos y roba las mentes, amo lugares como este, y siempre deseo sentarme en él, merece mirar y descansar

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what a beauty. cool photos. Thank you

Such a colorful pool.

Stunning color of water!

Just wow. Is there already a hashtag for something like reflectionpool or maybe reflectioninwater? Because these photos would probably dominate it for the week.

Such amazing images following you! Great content!

I was just last here last summer, the water is SO COLD. Could barely breathe. Beautiful!