Sedona (Kachina Woman Rock Vortex) & Jerome (Town), Arizona - Photos

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Here is some of my adventure with @hailyscomet in Arizona!











Cool post bro! You went skydiving? Also, do you have a professional camera or is that a phone?

Thanks! Oh no, that is all @haileyscomet, she has her B license. And yes it is with a Canon 6D and Canon 6-D DSLR with a TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II Tilt-Shift Lens.

Cool man! You have an adventurous fiancé. You take some really good pictures! The quality is excellent.

Great photos... I love the "low rider" and the nature shots you got.

Thank you! Yeah that low ride was cool and classic!

I’ve always wanted to visit Arizona... IN THE WINTER though!

amazing post

Cool old car... I want photography this car and street :)

wow.this post about that place is so nicely.keep it up.just awesome post.evweyone must be like this post..keep sharing

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Photo yang unik dan barang zaman dulu jadi koleksi u tuk postingan anda sunguh imajinasi yang sangat luar biasa, dan berita yulisan ynag anda buat kuga sunguh menarik dan membuat saya menjadi inhin dan mau untuk. Bisa mengikuti kegiatan postingan anda mr. @mickeybea

Very nice love photography..
I have the best photos selected in my 2017 world photo contest on my profile. I think you will love..

and show your generosity my friend and leave a good appreciation.. thank you..:) @mickeybeaves

great photos..i love the 'low rider' and the nature shots you got.


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