Johnston Canyon & Upper Falls, Banff National Park (Photos)

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Join @haileyscomet, @allisonfrija, and myself at the awe inspiring Johnston Canyon & Lower Falls in Banff National Park. We got up super early for this one and it was well worth it!

See the video here:

Part 1 Photos:

Stay tuned for the blog!

Shot with a Canon 6-D DSLR with a TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II Tilt-Shift Lens.













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100% wonderfully magnificent captures. The boulder in Pic 2 looks so gigantic, wish I could stand atop of it and see the surrounding beauty of the amazing nature.

@mickeybeaves, In my opinion, this travelling journey is reflecting so awesome, and after watching these natural beauty, it's giving an healing essence.

And specially i am watching that rock, which reflecting as Rock Of Head. And it also reflecting that, nature is art piece for sure.

And whenever we explore the natural places then it gives that magical essence because literally nature is an aspect of Live Art.

Enjoy your travelling experience and keep making great stories because today's experiences will going to become tomorrows great memories.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Everything about these pictures is so cool, the color/clarity of the water, the waterfalls, the large boulder that looks like it was perfectly placed in the center of that river. Love it man

You done great work for us....otherwise we cannot see this type of quality photos thanks again and again...!

Lovely art images and what a grasping piece to have captured. award deserving picture. You waited for a long term to get the favored perfection and all of it is really worth the wait. lovable view and fantastic surroundings. Hold up the best work.

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