Deep Creek Hot Springs in California!

in #travel3 years ago

The most beautiful hot springs @haileyscomet and I have been to yet!







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Wao, just awsame, mind blowing place,your post force me for go there..good post and lot of thanks for show out for this place

Nature is so tranquil.... it can calm the soul....

It does beckon the soul to pause and breathe, relax the body, remember the joy and smell the peace. Will check out your site. Keep at it

Looks like you guys had a great fun out there.Man your travel diaries are amazing. Literally loved it. Following you since i joined steemit.
Lovely View.

Amazing nathure post with a beuti

A lovely place!

WOW @mickeybeaves. I'm speechless. Mouth hanging. You're super duper blessed..

Good picture and posts also.. keep going❤️❤️U

wow its looks amazing , can you tell me where is it i mean exact location in california?
thanks for sharing great post

The stream sure do look doubly hot to me, the spring and the other stream:)

I from cali and never heard of deep creek hot springs but they look beautiful ill have to check them out! if you got any more cool hot springs you know about in cali please let me know! thanks

Lovely all around!

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I feel so limited by the amazing travel picture I am seeing on steemit travel. Gosh! I need to see new places like these.

Don't you think nsfw tag is necessary, I love seeing a beautiful tattooed woman with nice breasts though.

Nice artwork on the mortal soul!

@mickeybeaves This spring looks wonderful and a beauty.The water looks like a glass.I feel like I should be at this hot spring.Cool photos.I just upvoted your post.

Great pictures!

Gotta like the place... Hotspring... Looks very beautiful....

Nice Picture

not only the springs are hot... ;-)
beautiful body, nice pictures!

This place looks so beautiful! We are currently renovating an old school bus to live and travel full time in. Are you just traveling around the US? I'm going to check out your travel site!