Beach Sunset Photos: Last Night in San Francisco!

in #travel3 years ago

It has been a great week in San Fran with @haileyscomet, but onto the Red Woods for a week, then Oregon, Washington, and Canada! We were blessed with a beautiful sunset to cap the week off. Only down fall was in the process of getting the photo below, Hailey's phone got consumed by the ocean! lololol







Great pics, love the color of the ocean foam on the sand! Talking about losing a phone to the ocean, this reminds me of our trip to Mon Repos beach Australia, to see the turtle hatching on the beach at night. We were so consumed by the incredible beauty of these little turtles making their way to the ocean that my partner didn't notice his phone was on the ground when a wave came! The phone did survive after 3 days in rice...but didn't survive though snorkeling in Hawaii 2 years later ahah!

My best city Francisco......;.This is great Beach Sunset Photos: Last Night in San Francisco! photography.I appreciate your post. Thanks for sharing with us

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These shots are the heart of perfection. These are glorious!!! You have some nice blessings @mickeybeaves..

nice shot and a beautiful sight

Colourful shot

the scenery is very beautiful when I see it promising and very eager to be there

Beautiful ***** I am followed you and upvote :)426095_3351218026007_229606719_n.jpg

Lovely photos, in the other side of the world.

If you are not so nice to share then I would never have seen it, because of your chance, I have given you many thanks. cheers up

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.

wow beautifull pict

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Nice photos. Please come to my steemit, im from indonesia. Love your post

truly fantastic, your flexibility is good but my question is the following, to get to have that flexibility that is the most advisable to do

Pemandangan yang sangat cantik

Beautiful photos.

Amazing colors! Miss SF so much! Where in Canada are you heading to?

Beautiful pictures <3

If you like sharing, you will honor me. Thank you.


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