Getting Blessed in India's Holy City, Pushkar - DTube Travel

in travel •  4 months ago

Pushkar is known as the 'holy city' of Rajasthan and to most Hindu's. This 1 of 5 pilgrimage sites in hinduism and is associated with Brahma (the creator God).

It is said that every devote Hindu must visit Pushkar at least once in their life. So what an absolute blessing it was for us to make a visit here and better still have a ceremony by the holy lake (this ceremony is free but tip is of course, always welcome)

On a side note, in Pushkar, you will NOT find any meat or alcohol, so don't come here expecting to get drunk or have meat sweats. You will instead feel overwhelmed with good vibes and your karma realigned. An absolute must see for anyone exploring Rajasthan.

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Congratulations! It must be so inspiring to experience this!