Hippy Vibes @ Anjuna Beach, Goa - DTube Travel

in travel •  3 months ago

So if you want to come to the coolest place in Goa, you need to head to Anjuna

Every Wednesday people from all over Goa come and witness the famous flea market. Absolutely anything you want from clothes, spices, drums, jewellery, something to help you relax....you may even get lost for hours here.

The market can be accessed by mopeds, taxi's and even a walk along the beach.

There is just something about this place which gives off the best vibes. Everyone is wearing whatever they want and no one is paying any attention. It somehow reminded us of the UK city of Brighton (but with better weather and a beautiful sandy beach).

The beaches are just getting better and better the further north we go. Anjuna is exactly what you would imagine if you were to think of Goa and have never been before.

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