Wales United Kimgdom (photos all mine 35mm Nikon camera)

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I have traveled to 35 countries. Today‘s feature Wales. I am from the US, so going to a place, that has been a country since the year 1056 (Google search) is amazing!


I was intrigued by the castles! When you stayed in an old hotel, the rooms were spacious (700 sq ft) and furnished with antiques in perfect condition. Out of all the places in the UK, the Welsh were the most difficult to understand, even when speaking English! On one occasion in Birmingham, England, I was out to dinner with one guy from Scotland, one from Ireland, one from Wales and two Brits! It was really cool to listen to them all speak. The guy from Scotland sounded like you were watching Braveheart. We could all understand one another, except for one! You guessed it! The guy from Wales! Nobody understood him!

Another interesting bit of information I learned as I stayed in a hotel in Swansea, Wales. Swansea is the birthplace of Catherine Zeta Jones the famous and beautiful actress! Wales is where many great revivalists came from including Evan Roberts!

We toured some castles and castle ruins!


This old castle was interesting as it had a dungeon. There was a sign that said you need to bring a torch. I thought that would add to the ambience and the experience! But torch is the way they say flashlight. Darn!


Same castle as the previous photo. This cross shaped cutout is to allow an archer the ability to shoot withou being shot.


As it is in most of the UK, the seaside is made up of cliffs instead of wide sandy beaches. The next few photos are of a place called “Three Cliffs”.




When driving way up into the rural areas, sheep are in the roadway and some of the roads are so narrow it is crazy when you meet someone coming the other way. Also driving on the left side of the road, and I chose a car with a stick shift manual transmission, the driver’s seat on the right side of the car. Getting used to rotaries or roundabouts at most intersections. All an adventure! For me this is great! Something unique!

Also, if you like spelunking or caving I went to a place called dan yr ogof caves. Spectacular! I apologize for not having more photos. I have, but I cannot find. Here is one I can find.


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Great pics Bill. Especially love the castles...


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