One of the most memorable places I've ever been... Nagasaki, Japan.

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A place, where time seems to be stopped its pace. A place, where the horror from half a decade (and more) ago can be seen nowadays. This is Nagasaki.

And although these people have fully recovered from the disaster back in 1945, a scar has marked this place. A wound that cannot be entirely heeled.

Nowadays there are a lot of statues, gifted to the Nagasaki city from all around the world, and their message is clear. "Let's make the world a better place." The problem is that people tend to see the real problems just after the disaster has come and consequences are almost entirely unfixable. Yes, the Japanese managet to get out of all this stuff, but what's the price?


Nowadays there are no old buildings left, but one column stays where it was after the bombing. At least it is said to have been there, although our guide said it was rebuilt at another location. There is a real possibility it's not its original place. Anyway, it is another statue reminding us of the horror.


It seems that every single statue in Nagasaki is there to leave a message... a message to the following generations and every single tourist, who has visited this place.

And if there's a place, where all the terror can be seen, it's the museum, of course. The place, where hundreds of photos and various objects and artefacts are preserved, presenting to visitors pictures, that no one ever wants to see and experience.

It seemsthat what Japanese want visitor to see in this museum is actually what a horrific weapon can the atomic bomb be. They tell a story of what have happened and make sure not to be forgotten. And Japanese' real message is "Let Nagasaki be the last city, which was devastated by this kind of weapon."


And yet, there are some places in Nagasaki, where atomic bomb attacks are not the main topic. I still remember the beautiful gardens with ponds and statues with a reference to Madame Butterfly. Entering there it seems that you are in the decor of Puccini opera and one of the houses, the Glover house, is often called "Madame Butterfly House".

Madame Butterfly

A statue of Puccini

And in addition to all this romantic beautiness, the place offers a stunning view towards the port of Nagasaki.

Port of Nagasaki



And now I will finish with a photo of the statue from the beginning - Nagasaki Peace Statue, which reminds us the danger of nuclear weapons with its right arm, while the left is extended to symbolize the eternal peace. Tha face also embodies peace while the eyes are closed, in a prayer to the peoples' souls. While one of the legs is folded in a meditation manner, the other has stepped on the ground, showing us to stand and help the world be a better place.

Stay positive and make the world a better place! Every single effort is priceless.


I've been to many places in Japan but haven't been to Nagasaki yet, maybe subconsciously I'm trying to stay away from a sad place, I don't know....

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You should visit either Nagasaki or Hiroshima. Definitely worth feeling the spirit of these two places. And the road travelled from dropping the bombs and devastation to nowadays’ peaceful and neat city will definitely blow your mind.

I will check the steemit world map. Thanks!

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