Milos & Crete Islands, Greece 2018 by Drone (Original Footage)

in travel •  3 months ago

Finally found time today to put together a short drone video of the magnificent Greek Islands of Milos and Crete that I visited some months ago. Exclusively shot with my DJI Spark.
Enjoy :-)

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Grea video! You can also upload it to DTube...


good idea :-)

Hello very nice video it is absolutley beautiful. It is one of the rare video i see with a drone and wouaou it is pretty cool view especially while traveling!!!

Wow ! A stunning video with magical pictures from greek . Great to see some vavations pictures from an other viewing angle.

The flying looks as easy as winking, is it really? :-)

Awesome video 😍 It looks so beautiful there! How hard is it to fly the drone?


Apart from the auto modes it's fairly difficult to know exactly where the drone is looking because the live footage on the mobile phone isn't really streeming properly on my device ;)


Interesting :) I would like to try it once.

Nice, I especially liked the shot with the drone going straight up of you(I'm assuming) lying down on the white weather worn hills, that had a pretty cool effect. That and the quarry, it's something about the terraced hills with the water, that just sets those apart for me. Maybe, it's the white stone and contrast.
Anyway, great job.

Excellent video! Nicely done! :)..I would also like to have a drone!

awesome drone video!! that crystal clear water...😳

The Island sure is magnificent. I am in awe of how fascinating it is.
Those mountains around are beautiful

It definitely is a place to relax and have fun

Love this!!! I want to go now!!! The water looks so amazing, and those beaches look so nice! Awesome footage! Resteemed! looks like such a beautiful place. So many colours 😍

Great post! Crete and Milos are indeed so beautiful!

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Very nice footage. Makes me want to get my dads Drone working again!!


Very nice footage.
Makes me want to get my dads
Drone working again!!

                 - rushofwaves

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Nice place... My friend

Really grate to see these exotic locations up close. Thanks for the beautiful share mate.. Do have fun out there in subsequent trips... And perhaps, we will get to see more :)