Bali, the Island of gods and demons. Choose your own place under the Sun here. I will describe you many places, and I am sure you will find something that you prefer. Part 1. [1-6] Bali. Kuta.

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 In Bali you never feel down, on contrary, you try to do everything to feel yourself young again. It's always summer in Bali, non-stop holidays, you feel as a child on summer holidays. 

Here your favorite hobby is looking at people who are always in hurry like ants.  You are an adult, and you do not have time at all to stop and think:

 What is all this rat race for? What the point of running from home to work, from work to a shop, from shop back to house as if you are a horse?

Relax! You are in Bali, here you can use a pair of good flip-flops for two years, wrinkled sun-bleached vest is a sex symbol's sign, and all you can dream about is an old custom bike! Here everyone can find his own place; I am going to tell you about those who decided to stay her for some years.  

 We live here for many years and we know about every district where we happened to live. 


You just get out from the plane, you have been dragged to a cab and the first place you see is Kuta. You do not have to freak out, there is nothing dangerous. 1000 cafes, bars, clubs with electronic music playing, 1000 bright lights attracting you.  Locals are running around you back and forth, offering you "ticket to the moon" – magic mushrooms. They speak many languages, and they were born to sell stuff. Even drunk and barely conscious person can rent a bike here, after that he will be sent to ride in this turmoil. If you prefer walking, every cab driver will hunt on you. He craves for driving you through this crazy traffic, on curved streets, as through the labyrinth with strange directions and loud bars around.  

On roadsides there are hundreds of "attractive Bali women" standing and inviting you to their place. Each of them wants to do a massage for you.  In general, Kuta is an unwanted baby in Bali. But here you can see all the contrast of Bali. You can be easily mugged here; somebody will just punch you in your helmet, while you are driving through the endless traffic, and take your iPhone out of your hands. You will never see it again, as well as the person who took it from you. We lost 4 phones like that during our stay, although we were very careful. In Kuta you will everything. Everything you need in quantity you need and even more. Here you can try to surf on your first waves and slide on the "ocean foam". 

Hundreds of surf schools for beginners are here. If you happen to be here and you cannot say no, you will try everything in one day, and nobody knows what will happen to you after. You will pass through all challenges – surfing at the daytime, parties at night. Kuta is a solid, well thought-out, lively, but such a soulless body. Oddly enough, but that is where sometimes you feel very lonely. You can find people from many countries here. Here the holidays are 365 days in a year, crises, defaults, hunger, sadness and cold are just words here. From the plane this part of Bali looks like a huge fire. 

Forget everything and go to sleep, wake up in the afternoon and start all over again.

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I love tits, but that first pic made me piss myself....What the hell kind of opening picture is that???? Nice post though!

lol)) is the first thing you see when you come to Bali ! It is right at the airport @venuspcs

Not very welcoming.....that is fucking scary man!

they're everywhere! They scare away the evil spirits !

Классный пост!!!


Cool foto with bike!

Yes! I like it too! you feel like in the movie

Nice pics!

yes I also like!

what kind of massage? do they accept Steem? lol

absolutely anyone ! take all ! even food ) ) will have to try to pay off Bitcoin

Very interesting scene in Bali. These festivals are always so different. It makes me think how did this ritual or culture come about. :D

Yes ! it's just part of the story of 1/12 . further I will tell even more interesting ! I'm glad you liked it ! expect to continue

Great story!

see you next year same place!