Destination Weddings Save on Money and Stress

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Congratulations on your engagement!

Now you can spend the next 10-18 months stressing over all the details of your most special day.

What venue will you pick? Which florist will you use? How many cake tastings are enough cake tastings? Which centerpieces should I use? Do I even have enough money in the budget for the wedding of my dreams?

The decisions are endless and minute, a seemingly endless stream of details. Many brides find themselves stressed about the little things to the point that they don't get to enjoy their wedding!

Destination weddings offer a surprisingly inexpensive and hassle-free option for the couple-to-be. In some cases, your wedding can be entirely FREE.

The average US wedding costs couples an average of $35,329 according to the Better Business Bureau. Below is a breakdown of where that $35K goes:

  • Venue - $16,107
  • Catering - $71 per guest
  • Flowers - $2,534
  • Photographer - $2,783
  • Wedding Planner - $2,037
  • Single layer cake - $582
  • Officiant - $278
  • Limousine - $859

This list doesn't even include all the miscellaneous expenses such as a rehearsal dinner, wedding dress, makeup and hair, or wedding favors. The bulk of your wedding budget is spent on the venue itself! Destination weddings offer an unforgettable alternative.

Looking at a destination wedding, you'll see that many of those expensive items are included in the price of the venue, which also happens to be thousands of dollars cheaper than a stateside venue.

  • Venue - up to $1,000 (sometimes FREE!)
  • Catering - often included in venue, but upgrades can be purchased for <$50 per person
  • Flowers - Included
  • Photographer - $500
  • Wedding Planner - Included
  • Multiple layer cake - $250
  • Officiant - Included
  • Limousine - Not needed

Of course, you can always upgrade your package, but even the base package comes with an ultra-romantic ceremony location (think gazebo on the beach...), personalized wedding programs, concierge service, a special Groom's Room for the big day, wedding website, and a semi-private dinner. For the bride and groom, we include a private candlelit dinner on the beach, gourmet breakfast in bed, and tons more!

Also, resorts regularly run promotions, so look for those to save even more on your dream destination wedding! Right now, you can get the Always & Forever Wedding Package for only $950, and with a wedding party of 5 or more rooms, it's completely FREE!

Contact us today to start planning the dream wedding. All you'll have to worry about is taking the perfect
wedding photos on the beach!

Happy Travels!


Oh yeah, all photos are from unsplash and used with permission.


Crazy how much people would spend on a wedding. All for one day and yet many days to repay that amount after. I like the thought of a Destination wedding. You get to have your honeymoon at the same time!

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Foxy!!! It's been so long since we've chatted.

A destination wedding is the way to go for sure. Honeymoon and wedding all in one? Yes please!

It has been a while and a few days I have been off Steemit as well. Hope everything is well with you 😊

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Yes, life is good, just very busy. 😊

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