Chernobyl today in personal photos. A trip to a ghost town. [Part Two/Two]

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Hello friends!
I continue the story in photos about Chernobyl.

Part One for those who haven't seen or read yet.

The sun glances in the windows of the houses

From the roof of a 16-storey building you can see the entire city spread before the eyes.

It is striking example how quikly nature recovers the lost ground. As far as the eye can see there’re the vast forest expanses everywhere. The height of the tree is about 5 floors.

All the apartments are open.

However, this isn’t the result of looters. After the accident Pripyaters were allowed to take the most necessary things. Then the apartments were sealed. After a while the authorities decided that the furniture and other items left in apartments made it difficult to fight against radioactive contamination. As a result, all the stuff of apartments just was thrown into trucks and taken to the burial grounds.

To make way for emptiness

There used to be busy traffic, but now everything overgrew with forests.

The swimming pool

As Pripyat is on the river, the swimming pool was opened in the city to teach local children to swim.

A shower room for girls

The sign near the school №3.

Actually in Pripyat there were a lot of children. According to the plan it had to be 5 schools for 50 thousand population of the town.

The school makes the greatest impression.

There you can find everything from fiction to notebooks with Russian dictation. There’re even notes of History that were filled with the stamped headlines about the oppressors, feudalism, the exploiters, the role of the Communist Party.

“Hello, World”

Orphaned Books

Hundreds of books are scattered throughout the building: Jules Verne, Dumas, Chekhov, Tolstoy…


Are you ready to live under communism?
Your vision of the future
What is the wisdom of life?

The Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

Tarnished fruit piece

The tear-sheet from an ABC book - We Learn Reading

A plane, a plane!
It is ready in flight.
We will dash over the houses,
We will fly over the forests,
And then go back to mom.

The school gym

A soviet slogan: “Strong, courageous, dexterous, skillful”

Juicy Russian language - untranslatable...

Deserted Kindergarten

A doll left in the Kindergarten

Such abandoned things convey best the atmosphere of the place. Besides toys, you can find anything - dishes, books, things, food.

It’s only Dolls’ Home

The "elephants" for kids

In the basement you can find a hundred "elephants" for kids - the reserves in case of war. During the accident all these masks weren’t used! Looters already got them out of stocks.

The famous symbol of tragedy

The famous abandoned doll in Kopachi. The remains of kindergarten inventory.

It passed 30 years since the explosion.

Many witnesses passed away. There are a lot of helpless invalids.
My skin crawls — I’m terrified. The fission explosion - it was all done in a moment - the irreversible effect.
I hope you felt the atmosphere of those places.

Peace of the world. I wish you well!

Thank you for reading.

Part One for those who haven't seen yet.


You should definitely enter some of these in this weeks photography challenge!!!
The theme is "desolation" --- so its perfect for this subject matter :)

@condra, thank you for your advice, it'll be great!

Советую некоторыми фотографиями поучаствовать в конкурсе steemitphotochallenge (кукла, противогазы). Они очень подойдут.

@cats, спасибо! Уже читаю условия :)

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