Enjoying the upcountry view

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Here's a shot I promised you. We took it before walking to the Temple of the Tooth. We could see the beauty of entire Kandy up there. I wished I could take shots with my eyes.

Can you guess which one is me in the photo? ;) I think you don't need clues. Let's see if you can!

Thanks for dropping by <3

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That's a nice picture of you and your three friends!

But now you are giving us a test, and I don't know if I can pass! :O

To be honest, its hard to tell which is you, since you are all facing away from the camera. You all have similar color hair, but I think yours is not as long as the two middle girls. I would guess that you are the girl on the left? Don't be angry with me if I am wrong, please! I do think this was a difficult test. :)

Thank you!

Wow, you are correct! I guess it might have been a bit hard. Let me give you a little tip for another time. When I'm with friends, I'm usually camera shy so I wouldn't show any hand gestures. And I have straight hair :)

Anyway, great job Sherlock Holmes! I'll bring you another case later :)

YAY!!!! I'm so glad I picked you out from the picture! :)

I will remember that you usually don't do hand gestures and your hair is straight, so I can guess you in the future if you give us another photo challenge! I hope you do bring another fun case sometime! :D

Sure. I'll try :D

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