Meeting the sunset in the Greek Areopagus, the story of the gods, useful tips for tourists and 14 new photos

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Sunset is one of the amazing states of nature that we admire with pleasure. In Greece, so full of myths and legends, this phenomenon of nature takes on a special meaning. In this post I will tell you about a wonderful place to watch the Sunset in Athens and I will give some advice not to spoil the sunset experience for yourself and the people around you.

If you have already read my post about the Parthenon, then surely paid attention to photographs of Athens species from the height of the Acropolis. It is here that it is convenient to make your own individual itinerary of walking around the Greek capital, because the whole city lies before you, as in the palm of your hand. From the Acropolis we noticed a small bare rock, located near the central entrance to this complex. And after a few seconds, it dawned on us that this is the Areopagus - the seat of the Supreme Court in Ancient Greece.

I have already written about the fact that the Parthenon is today in a rather deplorable state, it is not decorated with scaffolding, technical structures for restoration. Therefore, we decided to look at him at night, to see this ancient Greek wonder of the world in new paints. Thus, the Areopagus became an ideal place for the night view of the Parthenon.

I am sure that if you ask the people of Athens where it is pleasant to spend an evening, one of the options is sure to be the meeting of the sunset on the Areopagus. This is confirmed by crowds of tourists and local youth, armed with banks with drinks, ice cream and cameras.

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I very much want to warn you against several mistakes, which, unfortunately, many tourists make here:
  1. Women should not climb on Areopagus in high-heeled shoes, it can be dangerous. The staircase leads to the top of the rock, but the surface of the Areopagus is quite uneven.

  2. If you take food and drinks with you, please take the package with you, do not leave garbage on the rock. Of course, the authorities are trying to monitor the cleanliness, garbage from the urns are removed even at night, but do not forget: the cleanliness is not where they do cleaning, and where we do not throw garbage!

  3. And one more rule: do not leave your autographs on the Areopagus. It looks awful. Just think, this is the place where the trial of the ancient Greek God Ares took place, here the Apostle Paul read his sermon to the Athenians ... and in the 21st century, when we use computers and mobile phones and fly into space, we go down to a pathetic inscription on this great place.

But let's not talk about sad things. People begin to gather on a rock a couple of hours before sunset to occupy the best places. Still would! Here, in order to observe the daily evening performance, no tickets are required, admission is free for all comers!

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So, the show begins... And we'll remember what the sunset is in Ancient Greece? It's not just the sun setting over the horizon, it's the all-seeing god Helios in his chariot rushing through the sky! The horses of his chariot in the form of sculptures are depicted even on the main facade of the Parthenon. He lives in the east of the ocean in a rich palace. Every morning he is awakened by a sacred chicken and Helios goes on a journey across the sky to the western border of the ocean. In the evening he returns home on the water in a boat in the form of a Golden cup. Helios is the beloved god of all living beings and plants, for he gives warmth and light.

His images can often be found on vases, mosaics and murals. If you see the figure of a handsome youth in a chariot with a radiant crown on head, rest assured, this is Helios. And the most famous statue of the sun god was the Colossus of Rhodes - one of the seven wonders of the world. A huge sculpture served as a beacon of the island of Rhodes. According to the descriptions of the statue, it can be assumed that in the hand of Helios was a huge fiery torch.The Colossus of Rhodes was built 12 years and was completed by the sculptor Jerez about 280 BC. The statue stood for about 50 years and was completely destroyed by the earthquake. In our time, there are several projects recreating this monument, but this requires huge funds, which Greece does not have, so the plans are only plans.

So, Helios had already disappeared behind the horizon and the goddess of the night of Nyuks (Nyukta, Nikta) had come to replace him. This goddess, who lives in the underground kingdom of Tartarus. Her children - Hypnos (bad dream), Thanatos (death), Gerasa (old age), Eris (strife), Kera (murder) - the most terrible ancient Greek gods. Nyuks portrayed with a closed face, in black robes and a cloak, decorated with stars. The Greeks were afraid of her, but also loved, because a new life was born at night.

So, if you came to Greece with your loved one, I recommend you to meet the sunset on the Areopag rock;) And you can finish the wonderful evening by strolling through the night city and having dinner in one of the restaurants that work in the central part of Athens.

I will remind you that I have visited 20 countries and will tell you about my travels in this blog. If you are interested in getting acquainted with Greece, read the previous messages and subscribe to my blog so as not to miss new interesting stories, original photos and my drawings.

Text, photos and good mood - ©Copyright @marymik23 (28.06.2018)


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Хорошие снимки на закате, но к некоторым так и тянется рука в фотошопе тени потянуть : ) Не обращайте внимания, это у меня профессиональное, в крови ))

Я же на смартфон снимаю, он темноту не любит ) Уже поправила их насколько возможно, дальше артефакты всякие лезут ))) а дорисовывать не хочу, это уже не фото будет ;)

Дорисовывать на фото??? Ну вы отчаянная душа, @marymik23. Это ж надо, такое даже придумать : )) Есть просто в фотошопе функция - тени/блики. Вот этим инструментом лучше всего, если что

знакома с функциями фотошопа, дизайнером работала ) проблема в том, что в фото со смартфона в тенях нет информации, поэтому в данном случае этот вариант меня устроил, фото обоснованы текстом ;) В любом случае, благодарю за совет!

Последнее фото особенно закатное :)

Это фото специально для вас! знала, что оцените )))

I like your blog. looking forward to read more of it ;)

Thank you. What interests you more - a story about travel or art?

Both I guess. I study art and love to travel ;)

How do you study art? Which direction interests you more?

I am doing an arts-education degree at university. Photography's my strong suit

It is interesting... Which university?

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Очень люблю закаты! Готова снимать их постоянно)

Одно из самых красивых явлений природы ) всегда красивы, но наблюдать их гораздо приятнее где-нибудь на Ареопаге ;) или на пляже Мексики, или у вьетнамской пагоды... в Японии - вообще мечта!

А вы были и в Японии? :)

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Удивительное место! Спасибо за невероятно красивые фото!
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Спасибо, рада, что понравилось )