PortAventura : Theme Park of My Dream

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Not far from Barcelona there is the best amusement park in my life - PortAventura.

 I got there by train (advice: you can buy a ticket to enter PortAventura right at the railway station and then traveling by train will be free). I have to warn you: there are extremely many people in the park! It is so crowded! It can take you about an hour standing in a queue to reach the coolest attractions. But there is a solution: you can buy an express-ticket, plus to your main ticket, so that you will have fast pass to certain attractions (but only for one time, unfortunately). 

 I have been to PortAventura with my mother and I never thought she will be trying roller coasters which are really scary, I must say. But then I found that mum is really a dare-devil! And all the most terrible attractions were subjugated by her.

It is interesting that PortAventura is divided to six thematic areas, which look like separate parks: Mediterranean, Wild West, Mexico, China, Polynesia and Sésamo Aventura.

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 Each of those areas has attractions and entertaining shows. But it is impossible to see it all in one day! You need at least 3 days to try all that amusing stuff. And if you don't want to waste your time getting to the park, it would be better to stay in one of the hotels at the territory of Port Aventura (but the prices are too high, really). And when it comes to late evening you can watch shows with fireworks here.

 My favorite area in PortAventura is Sésamo Aventura! I love the show with those funny characters from the TV show Sesame Street that passes there. Though the language of the show was Spanish and all the audience was from kids only, it really was fun and I enjoyed it! Seemed like I had plunged into childhood! And after the show you could take a picture with those characters. Look how great it is!

 One of my favorite attractions in the park definitely became Tutuki Splash! It was not a scary one but totally amusing! Here, sitting in a a big boat, you are slowly going uphill, and then from the very top point of that "mountain" you are thrown down into a cold river - that is exactly what you need in a hot summer day!

 So, I advise you all to visit Port Aventura. This is the best vacation you could ever imagine! And I'm sure that my last time in PortAventura was not actually the last.. I will go there again very soon!

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Amazing place! I think you had a lot of fun there!


Yes you are right! I had good fun :)


Thanks! :) ~haha :D

Very cool place! I already want to go there


and I would be Happy to go back. =)

You are very beautiful!!! I love to watch your photos and posts. I'm your fan..


You make me shy..))

Thank you for a story about a beautiful place! Everyone definitely need to go there! :))))


I'm glad, that you liked! This place is really great, and I want to go there again! ahhhhhh..))

This is so much fun! :)


The Best Theme Park ever!

This looks like so much fun!


The way it is !!! unstoppable fun !!!

That was awesome where you could stretch your leg straight out and touch your toes. Very impressive feat - you looked like you had fun. I love photography diaries :)


Thank you very much! My main hobby is yoga, so I can more! :))


Let's see more yoga! I always say write/post about what you love - it makes for easier writing :)


Yes! I am writing a lot of posts soon!

Amazing!! I love seeing pics of fun times had at theme parks around the world!!

I set up the 'themeparkstylin' tag this morning in the hope we can get a community going on here to show all our fun times together :)

Following you now....waiting for more fun stuff!! :)