💠 GLASS SCHOOL - the only one in Slovakia (photo gallery + VIDEO) part 4

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Hey friends, after some time here you are something more from my school.

I mentioned before, that the school has problems with a small amount of students. That is why there are open doors days often.


Twice a year students create their main works according to a topic which teachers chose, so the visitors can see something new and interesting every time.

Students have to talk about their work, about the idea, show the whole process of work with all technical drawings in front of the teachers. I won´t lie, it is quite stressful.

And here are some photos from the exhibitions.

This is a section with my works. It was an exhibition from the last year I studied at the school.

Visitors can also try to blow a glass bubble.

And see the work in the studios.

You can also watch a short video from an exhibition in 2015.

If you were interested and one day you will be somewhere near, don´t be shy and visit this school. We will be very pleased :)

Thanks for watching!


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