I’m looking forward to your picture.
You can just drag and drop the picture in the textfield.

Some more styling tipps and tricks you can find here:

It worked, thank you!! I chose the city of Graz with the townhall, the capital of Styria, being my next larger city and a charming place to go for a visit and to live in. Had to work myself through a bundle of photos, absolutely unprepared for competitions on Steemit yet. Hope you like it!

Hi Martina
Really like it. Graz is in my opinion really one of the places in Austria that you have to visit.
I have only been there for short trips plenty of times going up the clocktower hill and so on, but it's on the Todolist to stay there for a whole weekend to see more of it.

...and all the culture and good food... get prepared, the choice will be difficult...;) here some extra shots for you (one of it tele from the clocktower hill) of course out of competition!


Cool, the lower one is the bridge across the Mur with a restaurant in the middle?
Am I right?
Only saw it from the distance in real.

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