Two days in St. Martin, Bangladesh!

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Two days in St. Martin, Bangladesh!

A lot of locals seem to adore St. Martin island. And while I did enjoy it, for me it felt overhyped (quite a bit). If you're traveling through Asia it's not a must stop in my opinion!

Agontuk Beach 8/10

This was for me the most beautiful part of the small island. There is almost noone around this area. You get the beach and right behind it you can find some farms. This is in high contrast with the port!

Sea Find Resort 7/10

Sea find resort is an okay place to stay on the island. I don't have a lot of content here, but I did snap a picture of the best fish I have ever eaten from their restaurant. They fish it fresh and barbeque it right in front of you. We finished fish for four people with just two of us, and still wanted more!

Chera Dwip 8/10

I went diving for my first time ever... here in Bangladesh. Honestly, I was really surprised (and got really lucky) with how knowledgeable my instructor was. Diving isn't a thing in Bangladesh, so finding an instructor and gear proved to be quite a challenge. But here everyone knows someone that knows someone and eventually it somehow works out, haha! While I nearly didn't see any wildlife (saw a lot more snorkeling in Thailand and Costa Rica), it was an incredible experience where I learned a lot! It definitely convinced me that diving is something I need more of in my life!!! If you would decide to dive here, look for this guy, his name is Bilal (just ask around)!


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The water doesnt seem to be that clear. However, this is a nice place to chill and you can feel the beach all just for you. I would want that kind of vacation some time!

Yeah, I am definitely not complaining! Was a great experience all together! But the best parts of Bangladesh I still have to share!

Looking forward to it man! Are you still travelling?

At the moment I am not, but I am leaving tomorrow for Thailand! These posts were just test posts made from a new app I've been working on (but more on that at Steemfest)! Seems that people like the format so that's great!

It is for SteemFest? Or a separate vacation? Have a great stay in Thailand!

It is for Steemfest, but decided to fly out a bit earlier and stay a bit longer! Thanks, will you be at Steemfest as well?

I wish I could! Have fun travelling and enjoy SF!

That place looks like being very peaceful! :)

It really depends on what side of the island you are! But if you're not near the port it definitely is!

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