Travel with me - Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela

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I told you in another oportunities, I am beach lover. My favorite place in the world is anywhere where it have sun, waves and sand.

Today I am going to carry out a travel with you for one on my favorite places of venezuela. The Morrocoy National Park. It is ubicate on Falcon state. It is declared a national park on May 26, 1974 and consists of 32,090 hectares. It has several islets among the most famous Borracho, Muerto, Sombrero, Sal, Las Animas and Peraza. In the park there are spectacular white sand beaches such as Mero beach, Paiclás, Punta Brava, Mayorquina, Playuela, Playuelita, Sur (popularly known as blue for the blue of its waters), Norte, Boca Seca, Playa Muerto and many more.


Morrocoy National Park has a wide range of natural landscapes; together with extraordinary landscape scenarios that characterize each of the places that make up the park, rich in biodiversity and beauty.

If you want travel with family, or with your couple even you alone this paradise on earth is perfect with you. Perfect to relaxing and recharge with positive and happy vibes.

I always go to this beautiful place with my family on vacations. This photos are on December 2019. We stay here for new year. My favorite part of the beginig of the year was look the firts dawn of 2020 from de balcony of the hotel. It was Amazing experience. I feeled better and grateful with the things on my life, my family, my job, grateful for everything


I hope you enjoy to this photos and you animate to visit this amazing place. The heaven on eath for me. See you in the netx post...

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