Travel with me - "Las Delicias" Hill

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It is a set of hills located north of the Hotel Maracay. It is a place of frequent use to do exercises and recreational activities. It is a tourist site because it has the best views of the city of Maracay. It is a place to make contact with nature and breathe some fresh air, fill with good vibes. Several rivers are accessible by the entrance to the hill. The initial path of this entrance is made of cement and continues in a wide forest firebreak.


Beautiful view of the garden city of Maracay

Most visitors to the hill arrive at a point known as "first station", where a wide viewpoint towards the city is located and which is the beginning of Henri Pittier National Park. A little further on is one of the points that go down to the medium-sized water wells, where many decide to bathe. The most skilled athletes usually go up to "the container", a point of higher elevation, at approximately 1,288 meters above sea level and which continues north with the Las Delicias River.
I am in "The Container"

It is a quite fun route with incredible views. Some people only get to the first station, others continue to the top which is the famous container. Most of the people who are from Maracay have a photo with this container, since it is a symbol of the city. I personally like to go with friends. Exercise, talk a little and enjoy the scenery.

It is not an easy route, but it is not very difficult either. Children and adults, even the elderly, make life on this hill. It serves for all types of physical condition. It is a great way to exercise and have fun in the process.


My friends and I on the road

If you ever visit the city of Maracay, don't forget to visit this beautiful and iconic place. If you are from Maracay and have never done this trail, what are you waiting for? don't let them tell you, do it!



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Thank you for sharing these beautiful landscape photography. Nice place for hiking, weather looks wonderful and to have couple of friends make it even enjoyable and fun :)

Yes is a beautiful place to relax and do exercise!!
Thank you for comment. I am very happy you like my photos <3