Travel with me - Cerro Autana Natural Monument

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This beautiful place is located in the Venezuelan state of Amazonas, near the border with Colombia. The hill is a geological formation located in the western part of the Guiana shield, in the north of South America. It constitutes for the piaroas indigenous people a sacred mountain (known as the Tree of Life).

The Autana hill (Wahari - Kuawai) symbolizes the "tree of life" in the oral history and tradition of the Piaroa indigenous people who inhabit the region. The first Europeans to visit the region around the Autana hill were Alejandro Humboldt and Bonpland in 1800. This is the symbol of the Autana region which includes Cerro Autana itself, a smaller adjacent mountain frequently referred to as the "Autanita", the Cuao, Autana and Umaj-aje rivers and Lake Leopoldo / Lake Autana.


It was declared a Natural Monument in 1978. It is internationally known for climbing, mountaineering and skydiving BASE-type jumps.

I love visiting Amazonas because my mother is from Puerto Ayacucho, the capital of this state. I like to know about the culture and folklore of this site. Indians have such a rich culture. It is incredible for me to learn about my root.

I hope you enjoy about this beautiful place than like me. See you in the next post hive.
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