Travel with me - Cata Bay, Aragua Venezuela

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Today following with travels at the beach. We go to visit the Cata Bay. It is a beach of the Aragua state (Venezuela), of great extension, very fine sand, crystal clear waters and adorned by the shade of palm trees. Cata Bay has become a popular seaside resort area. It has cabins and restaurants and is located 58 km from Maracay on the El Limón road.

I live in Maracay city. This bay is to near from this city. So, I like to take a roadtrip with my friends when we need beach therapy. This island is perfect for a day trip, or a relaxing weekend.


What I love most about La Bahía de Cata is that it has many palm trees, which gives it a very special charm and makes it a very pleasant beach. Cata beach has big waves, especially on its left side, which makes the experience more fun. But you must be careful with children and these big waves.

With the current situation I have a long time without visiting this wonderful place. But as soon as the bad weather passes, my first destination will be Cata bay. Because the best plan will always be beach, sun, sand and friends.


I hope you enjoyed as much as I do these beautiful photographs of a magical and beautiful place of my beloved Venezuela. See you in the netx post...

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beautiful beach. It looks like the beaches of the Sucre state or one of them is spectacular for its landscapes and beautiful natural blue color. excellent photo. I want to visit that beach. Stay at home.

Yes, beautiful beaches!!!
Thank you for comment, greetings <3
Pd: When the Cuarentine finish my first travel is at the beach hahaha

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