My Favorite Place - The beach

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The science says in the sun days of summer we are more happy. Our mood is better because sun rays give us positive and good vibes.

I love summer because I love go to the beach. I am born in the Caribe and my hot blood enjoy days of sun on the beach. The sounds of waves, the turquoise water, the white sand is my best plan to distress and relaxing.

I think when you have the ocean near you have another point to see the life. You begin to think with positive mind, you are more happy and better person. So, why don't have more time in the beach? I mean is the most experience you will have ever.

I love the sunsets. I think is the most better and amazing moments to photography. It was a inspiration for the artists, and I personally think is a gorgeous moment to offer the nature. Anybody shouldn't loss a good and beautiful sunset.


When we are on vacation or relaxing on the beach, the day seems to go by much slower, the hours are eternal and the daily activities seem to be on the pause button. Going to the beach improves mood and relaxes muscles ... Who hasn't noticed?

They are the reasons for I love go to the beach. I and very lucky to live in a country to have so many beautiful beaches. Someday I really want to travel for the world and visit several beaches.


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Hi @marijo-rm it is really nice to see such beautiful place with clear water and peaceful surroundings that reminds me "Pirates of Caribbean" You are also very pretty :)

Thank you so much for comment. Yes, it's really amazing place, and thank you for the compliment <3