Travel tip in Lisbon-"The other side"

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Hello Steemians!

Since I’m living in Portugal I appreciate the wonderful sunsets of this country. I love it to meet up friends and watching the sunset with them together. And even when you are in Lisbon the capital of Portugal, you can enjoy easily an impressing and magical sunset. One tip for everyone who is in Lisbon or is planning to go; go by ferry to the other side! I know that a lot of people living in Lisbon never go to "the other side", but it is worth it.

If you cross the river you will come to Almada. This city is linked with Lisbon through the 25 de Abril Bridge and the ferry line of “Cacilhas” which starts at Cais do Sodré. Within 10 min you see the skyline of Lisbon and if you walk from the ferry station to the right you will have a beautiful few of the bridge and the famous Santuário de Cristo Rei. Along your walk you will have the opportunity to relax and find a place less touristic or you will have dinner in one of the excellent sea food restaurants right by the river.



I discovered this place within a "Mindful Walking Tour" guided by a Portuguese. This tour was a little journey through the past of every partcipant and it gave the chance to meditate in a small group. I really liked the atmosphere and the connections I made with this experience. If someone wants to partcipate as well just check it on Facebook.

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I’ve actually heard how amazing Almada is, the pictures I’ve seen elsewhere show a very historic and cultural city and I also heard how really nice their sea food is .
Definitely a place I’ll have to check out if I find myself in Lisbon

#Hug-challenge #Air-clinic



Definitely a place to be!

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