How to become A **SUPERHOST** on AIRBNB for more Cash & A Change of Lifestyle

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 #BaliOhBali - Becoming a host on Airbnb changed my life , got me so MUCH more income & joy sharing my home with incredibly interesting people , I would have never met otherwise !  

Superhost vs Supermama (needs to be verified ! Yes it's me and not some ro-bot ) 

I have to admit that I am proud of my Award !


I felt left behind and lonely , the moment I saw my "baby" going through the gate to her plane to Europe . Yes , that's how a mother feels after her only daughter decides to grow up , leaving "home" . She graduated from Dyatmika , an international school in Bali  . I was so proud what she achieved after all those years since we moved from New York to Bali in 1999 at age 5 . 

I was a single mother back then , started a new life for her , more in nature with less stress. I left a lot of beautiful madness behind . At age 18 , Tahnee finally held her well deserved A-Level certificate ready to make her own experiences to enjoy her independence in Vienna , Austria , my hometown . 

The decision , to move to a tropical island was a huge step , to leave my beloved New York city behind in a stretch limo with 2 suitcases and a cowboy hat to remember the USA days , to fulfill  one of my dreams . oh Dear , it was not easy but well worth it , how many stories I have for you what Bali means to me and how I had to learn patience . SABAR Sabar , as they say every time you feel like freaking out . Patience !!! How I went from becoming a beaded jewelry re-seller to one of the pioneers introducing electronic music & Dj 's and various bands to the island which was dominated those days by wannabe Bob Marley's or really bad cover bands . I missed to hear good music and NYC club days of the 90's but that's another chapter . Thanks God one of my suitcases was full with Cd's ( more usable than all BLACK outfits in the other ) to make some NOIZZEEE and I did and never stopped since then . 

I played Hip Hop & 70's Funk from Lakeside and Cameo-osis ( I worked with in the 80's ) ! Hahaa ! It was a trip because nobody played gangsta rap and that stuff yet in SE Asia and they still don't . Snoop Dog & Dr.Dre , considered as underground . Oh well , That's where I belong to anyways :) The ones who are familiar with the famous infamous Beat Mag Bali , please note , this was Issue No 15 !!! Crazy !....


Music Business is difficult and without taking a brake once in a while ,I would turn to a mad woman. It was more than time to exchange my bi-polar attitude due to my occasionally high stress level to a more positive lifestyle . Clubs , late nights , make up , hang overs , babysitting DJ's while you try to be a good , responsible mother to your own child . Geee , I was done with all that , especially after taking on my own venue called Warehouse82 together with partners I didn't get along with . I was never a good team player and always my own Boss . I quit !

AIRBNB SAVED MY SANITY , rewarded me with 136 reviews and daily friendly smiles beside lots of sunshine and no dark rooms to catch some sleep after heavy weekends dancing through the nights until sunrise at 66 Club after your own gigs ! 

I was super lucky with most of my guests , some became friends for life !  

I heard airbnb was becoming one of the most successful rental platforms , was amazed about the opportunities to offer a room in your house to earn extra cash while enjoying great company of travelers from around the globe . It was amazing and better than any therapy can be . Lots of chats with awesome single girls ( you know who you are )  , crying with divorced women being cheated by their men and hey, not too bad to wake up watching cute boys in the kitchen preparing some ham & eggs , American style or celebrating Chinese new year with real Chinese food on the table , dancing along with Indian Bollywood movies , being a witness of the techno creation " MAMASITA" by Igor from Pig&Dan . Massages by my miracle men who healed all of them ! Pak Latief , You are the Best ! 

MAMMASITTA's COCOON  , close to Sanur Beach was a little heaven for many and I was happy to share my beautiful home I put so much love into . 

An Era came to an end ! I packed up and cried ! Facebook messages poured in my inbox from everywhere and it helped me to look into a new future , drying my tears quickly .

I lost my Dream Villa ( lease was over and could not be renewed ) but I found my freedom traveling more than in those hosting years , helping other home owners . I am all "yours" if you need me ! Finding myself "homeless" but welcomed by my Balinese family where I built my own little Gypsy Pad on their land. Nothing fancy but its a HOME for Life .


Time flies and its been over 5 years now that I am hosting 6 different villas in Brazil , Lombok, Bali and Croatia .I can work online ! What a breakthrough that we do not need an office anymore .We can sit on beaches, in city cafes or in friends homes while on the road. I grew up with no computers nor smartphones and when I moved to Bali around the millennium,  I did not even know what an email was :) 

This is a picture from my trip one week ago to one of the villas I book , enjoying the Mentigi Bay in Lombok Vibes : 


Silvie Beatrix Cempaka

Indonesia · Member since June 2011

I  am from Austria , Vienna and passionate music & Asian antiques  lover who lives in Bali since 1999 but fulfilled my dream to travel  in-between Europe , Indonesia and Brazil. I count many unforgettable  trips over the past decades and lived in lots of great places in nature , as well as in exciting cities such as Vienna , my hometown , Milano , Palermo , Paris , New York , LA , to name just a few of my past homes , therefore understand how valuable it is to meet so called " locals "  who can give you best advice. I also love to meet inspiring people from  around the world to give best tips & advice about all locations I  offer.
It's  a part of my responsibility to introduce all locations , Bali , my home  in particular , as a magic Island with it's pro & con's and be the  best organizer for your holiday .
I wish to see guests leave with a smile and beautiful memories to get to know the "real deal" .
I am looking forward to welcome YOU & wish you a relaxing holiday in one of those villas .

- Our Beach house in Croatia 
- Stunning Mentigi Bay Dome Village in Lombok
- 5 BR Balangan Beach Bali Villa on 25 are  
- The modern version of a Treehouse in Brazil , Itacare , Bahia  
( Villa Kabru & La Fazienda )
designed by one of my artists I represent Daniela Karagi 

All those places are set up with on place managers who will take care of you during your stay .
It's  been such amazing adventure & experience as an airbnb host those  past years meeting incredibly nice travelers from around the world . 

Response rate: 100%(last 10 contacts) Response time: within an hour 134 Reviews 8References 

My REWARD was 500 USD ! Not bad ! 


Source : How to become an airbnb superhost by Guesty blog 

        © Airbnb, Inc. Verified ID Silvie Beatrix Cempaka has completed online and offline ID verification

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Thanks for sharing @mammasitta!

@derekareith hope you find your way one day to Indonesia where I live most of the time

We hope to visit too someday for sure! Seems a little nicer than here in New Hampshire!

Every place has its own beauty and I could also show the other side but prefer NOT 🌴

Amazing post

So nice, I had my first great experience with AirBnB. Hope you keep up your hosting passion!

Thank you so much for your comment . I was extremely lucky with most guests . The house was ideal ! It feels more like a business when you host other owners properties . I enjoyed socializing directly with all people . I miss that ! Now I only book , arrange and pass them on to the managers . My passion is a bit less because it feels like work now . It was much more fun before .

Nice pictures and details @mammasitta! Think I gotto pay Bali a visit again :D

Good morning sunshine !!! Keep in touch and I am for sure here to take you out showing you some secret places 😽🌸🌴

Morning! Bali is on my bucket list forever haha!

You know
Where you find me 🌴🐬

Thank you for sharing your story!
What do you think about a decentralized Airbnb? Their functionality seems to be a great candidate for smart contracts.

very interesting thought @sanbir something better has to pop up soon anyways but for now its the easiest platform to handle . all others and there are way too many tried to follow airbnb's success but i never get enough confirmed reservations .from those

RockNrolling never stops 🤒

Thanks so so much for this post ! I will read it right now . I got a few more spots for the best sunsets and I will write something tomorrow again . I took this a week ago at our Freedome in Mentigi Bay Lombok , close to the Gillis . Hope you like it

thank you very much ! That's what I hoped for :) Much more to follow !

Big ups for such a strong lady... Keep reinventing luv. Your Mentigi Bay home is on my bucket list! ❤

yeah , lets go ! Let's gooo .
Next time you have to join on the sailing trip on Calico Jack ! See you in SNUR Babe Now I get a beer !

Grats on earning $133 !!!

Please give me some love too!
STEEMIT TYPO LOOKS BAD.... please upvote and lets get this addressed!

Good morning @kingtylervvs I was just wondering where this came from 😜 I will for sure check out your interesting post . I have a hard time writing , spelling and keep my limited skills on English grammar in check . Wish I could get some help on punctuation and so on .

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