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Cuevas del Drach - The secret Caves of Mallorca - Part 2

If you are interested in exploring caves, this will be the right spot for you in Mallorca. I have never seen more stalagmites and stalactites in my life.

The light effects make it a mysterious place I enjoyed every second of my visit in the cave, the only thing is you shouldn't be claustrophobic and it is sometimes very humid inside the cave.

When you're going very deep into the cave, you will arrive at a lake. The walls are illuminated in different colours and paintings. Stunning !

It seemed like a dream came true when finally a man on a boat arrived and in the background you can listen to classical music. Breathtaking you should experience this for yourself, when you're visiting Mallorca.

I hope you liked my post and got inspired to visit Mallorca. I'm looking forward to your feedback and comments - Have a great weekend !
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Hey Chris can u contact me its about the meetup

Beautiful, i love it, ty for sharing, follow you !)


Thanks !

Great cave!

very cool place!)

This is beauty! There are no such caves in Russia, I would love to come on an excursion to you.

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