Short movie: Land Of Maybe - Climbing to one of the world’s tallest sea cliff

in travel •  4 months ago


A passionate team. Climbing is their life. Their next target is one of the world’s tallest sea cliff. It is at Faroe Island.
Incredible and breath taking scenes. Scary of cliff, danger of mountains. During that 15 minutes, you can feel higher adrenaline.
It is one of my another inspirational short movie documentary about traveling and passion.

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hello,mahsumakbas sir, your post really good,


Your post is always good...........You will continue to have such a good post
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Very nice photography. Congratulations.

Hey guys! I just posted an introduction to myself in my blog! My plan is to use this platform to talk about Brazil, spread our culture and break some stereotypes.

If you are interested in, please follow me :)

Re-steeming this!

this is really nice

What the wonderful post! I like and support and respect.

I like climbing too.....
What was the experience and feeling of yours while you jumped off below in the sea and going down ..means while in mid air.

GOD!! such a breathtaking views, specially I loved the that adorable horse was filmed. That's amazing that you come up with such a wonderful content.

Oh my God

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