Point to Point - Our Nomadic Travels - Part 27

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This is a blog revolving around our journey to save for a van and then our new life on the road - join us for the ride!

16th March 2019 - Part 27

So windy today! again! but i went to go outdoors as i just wanted to buy something! it helps me feel like progress is being made no matter how small.

The shop is pretty massive and has everything you could need under one roof! you cant see it from this photo but there is about 25 large tents up here


So much to look at it was kinda overwhelming! I had plans of buying up half the shop before i went but when i got there i had a brain fart and could not decide what to buy lol...Here we have the knife and tool display, it was handy to see the leathermans in person - i have decided to get the surge when i do buy one but i will wait for an offer to come.


So what did i come away with? not a great deal! I dont want to buy things just for the sake of it, but do want to get good stuff - I ended up buying two of these outwell "kenai signiture chairs" They seem well build, very comfortable and fold up not much larger than a traditional deck chair. We will get good use out of these most of the year:)



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This tent picture reminded me of one of my greatest inspirations💚


Very cool, exploration would be an amazing thing to do!

Sine nice chairs you purchased :)

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Thanks mate, they are really good! were not cheap but i think its worth paying out for something decent quality.


Yes good quality can be cheaper in the long run.

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