Point to Point - Our Nomadic Travels - Part 16

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This is a blog revolving around our journey to save for a van and then our new life on the road - join us for the ride!

5th March 2019 - Part 16

So Tomorrow is the day our car is booked in to have the timing belt and alternator belt changed - a pain in the a*se but needs to be done...

Today i received a unwelcome phonecall from the ford dealer its booked in with..."We are sorry to have to tell you this so close to the work date but we have just realized this particular engine also has whats known as a "wet chain" that drives the injectors and there is no water pump on this model(or something along those lines)..It is also due to be replaced and we strongly recommend having it done" The catch? the price of the job has just gone from £450 to £950!!!! I had the option to get just the belt done on its own but strongly advised against.

ARGGG what a pain, I could chance it and i think there is a strong chance the chain would be fine for the remainder of its life, but there is also that small chance it could go, and if it was to go then it would be catastrophic - That niggle of doubt is not worth it, and with regret and a lighter wallet, it will be done. - had this been with an independant garage i would be more concerned they were trying to scam me, but this is with the main ford dealership...Well damn, oh well tomorrow is a new day!


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The best thing for piece of mind :)

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Yep i think so:)

Trade the car in for a van or something big enough to pull a trailer..


This car pulls 1.5 ton so is enough for us thankfully , the trailer we are getting is 1.35 ton




Thank you very much!:) I had no idea that could even be done!


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