10 Of The Sexiest Places In The World You Should Definitely Hang Out

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Well one can find some real hot guys in Italy, Brazil, USA, Australia and some of the sexiest ladies in Russia, India, France, Italy. But what about the best place to wander around naked? That ranges from St. Tropez, France to Rovinj, Croatia -- depending on what you're looking for.

But after viewing Expedia's "Expedia Heat Index" survey, we should be more interested in the most sexiest places in the world. The study asked 1,000 Americans their thoughts on the sexiest cities in the world as well as some pretty intimate questions.

And to those who don't think Americans are just a little bit prudish, the questions revealed that only 5 percent of Americans have gone topless in public while on vacation, and a mere three percent have gone fully nude.

Americans might want to start letting loose soon if they want to hang out in some of Expedia's 10 sexiest places in the world:

Take a look at these places -

10. Jamaica

9. St. Thomas

8. Rio de Janeiro

7. New York City

6. Barcelona

5. Miami

4. Bahamas

3. Cancun

2. Las Vegas

1. Paris

So, what do you guys think about it? I am dead sure I would surely travel to most of these places, what about you?

I hope you liked it.

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