I’m going off the grid… 😎😎😎

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I’m going off the grid for few weeks!

Actually I will be off the “internet grid”…

No Google, no cryptos, not email, no social media, no cell phone, nothing!

You might be thinking I will be in a jungle, a reclusive place, etc…

No, I’m traveling to Cuba (my home country) to visit my family.


I won’t have Internet access for few weeks while I'm there!

Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world; It’s just Cuba…LOL

Some of you don’t know, but traveling to Cuba (still a communist dictatorship) is like going back in time to the 50’s.

There are some places like hotels and specific WI-Fi spots where tourists can access a "restricted" Internet, but it’s very far from my family.

Although I can travel to those places to access Internet, I prefer to “disconnect” and enjoy my family that I haven’t seen in 2 years.

So, this is my last post (for now).

Time to share quality time with my love ones…

See you soon!
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I was camping in the mountains north india for a couple off months completely disconnected.. it was wonderful. I became a lot more present and aware.

Soon ill start backpacking hopefully ill end up in cuba. Ive seen documentaries where after america did a trade embargo the people ended up having to survive and is now leading it self sustainibility.

Feel free to contact me before your trip to Cuba. I can give you some tips on what to do and what not to do. Remember, it's still a Communist country.

That's funny when you apply it around the world, but it's sad knowing that 95% of people in Cuba never had access to internet.

One day all dictatorship shall fall.

That's what 11 million Cubans have been praying for over 50 years. When Fidel died last year, we hoped something was going to change, but nothing happened because his brother took the power and continued the dictatorship. We still hope about the day Cuba becomes free.

Best wishes! It's not the end of the world... it's only Cuba!😄😄😄

Thank you!😊

Thanks. I will for sure!

Hey, Check my post about my Cuban trip!

Thank you. I plan to enjoy every minute there!

Esta bueno dejar todo por un tiempo, mas si vas a un paraíso como Cuba y mas aun si vas a estar con seres queridos!! que tengas un hermoso viaje y disfrutes mucho de tu familia!! aca vamos estar cuando vuelvas jaja

Muchas gracias. Vuelo en unas horas y estoy super emocionada por ver mi familia.

You are Cuban, how wonderful. Despite the economic and political disaster I believe that Cuba has a lot of cultural wealth and some very interesting urban aspects. A great trip for you :)

Thank you. It was a remarkable trip!

Have a safe trip to Cuba and we will be here when you return!

Hey @jerrybanfield, Check my post about my Cuban trip!
The reality...

Have a wonderful time.

Thanks. It was awesome!

Have a wonderful time with your family. Just post some pictures and things if you can when you get back.

@basicstoliving, Check my post about my trip! The real Cuba...

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