TRAVEL VLOG | Lost in a day off

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

Hey there!
Long time no see, right? We've been busy! Latvia is full of wonderful spots and luckily many of them are quite close by. Thus, once we happened to have a day off we decided to head to Kurzeme region and see what we can find there. In this video you will see the beautiful places like Liepāja, Kuldīga and Sabile. Enjoy
And yes! One minute impression videos are back! More to come very soon! :)

Spread love, spread happiness! :)

Shot by lostinhappiness team.
Music: Trakamelodija

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Waooo... I wish I wud have been there.

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Waterfalls and nature looks great! Would you like to return once again in Latvia?

non ci sono mai stata, tutti mi dicono che è bellissima

E veramente stupenda!! Ti giuro! :)

Thank you so much for your comment! I am back now for the summer but leaving in 4 days back to Italy. I must admit, that every time I return here, I wish I could stay a tiny bit longer. :)

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