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If there is one place I dream to visit is Malibu.


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Malibu is a city in Los Angeles County in the state of California in the United States. The city is known for its sandy beaches and for being the city where many film and music stars reside. She is the surf capital of the United States.

The motto of the city are : Malibu: "a way of life" and Malibu: "where the mountains meet the sea".

The city of Malibu is a forty-three-kilometer stretch of beach, stretching along the Pacific Ocean, a seaside resort coveted for its beautiful white-sand beaches bathed in sunshine all year round. Many celebrities from the world of entertainment and film have made their home there.

Most residents live near the Pacific Coast Highway highway that runs through the city.
Malibu is adjacent to Topanga and Pacific Palisades to the east, Santa Monica Mountains to the north, Pacific Ocean to the south and Ventura County to the north and west.

Malibu State Beach and Topanga State Beach have the use of its finest beaches. Of the natural sites, Malibu is home to Malibu Creek State Park and the Santa Monica National Recreation Area. Surfrider Beach, Broad Beach, Pirate's Cove, Zuma Beach and Trancas meander along the Malibu coastline.

Point Dume is the northernmost point of Santa Monica Bay, offering a panoramic view stretching from the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Santa Catalina Island.

The city occupies an area of 261.5 km2, which makes more big cities of California and the United States in terms of land and sea surface: 51.5 km2 on land and 210 km2 in sea, indeed, the bounds of the city overflowing 5 km on the ocean.

Malibu's geographical location is taking over natural disasters, earthquakes, fires and landslides.

Malibu property prices are among the highest in the United States, and developments are controlled by the Santa Monica Conservatory.


Malibu was once part of the territory of the Chumash Indian tribe. It was then called "Humaliwo", which translates as "where the waves make noise" in the language chumash.
The Portuguese explorer sailing for the Spanish João Rodrigues Cabrilho dropped anchor in 1542 in the Malibu Lagoon, located at the end of the estuary of Malibu Creek, to refuel in drinking water.

The Spaniards returned to the site to establish a 120-square-kilometer mission in 1802. The ranch passed intact in the hands of Frederick Hastings Rindge in 1891. He and his widow, Rhoda May Rindge, jealously defended their property by recruiting guards to take charge of their property. to hunt any intruder. They filed a long-term lawsuit against Southern Pacific to prevent the construction of a railway line.


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Few roads entered the property in 1929, when the state won a new lawsuit to build the Pacific Coast Highway. May Rindge was then forced to subdivide her property and began selling or renting plots. Malibu Colony, located on the opposite bank of the lagoon, was one of the first occupied areas.

In 1926, to avoid selling new land to pay off her debts, Rhoda May Rindge set up a small ceramic tile factory, the Malibu Potteries. At the height of her business, she employed 100 workers, and produced decorative tiles adorning several public buildings in Los Angeles and private homes in Beverly Hills.

The traditional and decorative tiles of Malibu are today very sought after. Beautiful specimens can be seen at Adamson House and Serra Retreat, a 50-room villa whose construction began in the 1920s as Rindge's main residence and enjoying panoramic views of the lagoon. The house is now part of the Malibu Creek State Park, which lies between the Malibu Lagoon and Surfrider Beach, near the Malibu Pier, originally built to moor the Rindge family yacht.


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In 1991, Malibu, which for a long time remained an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, was granted municipal status, facilitating the exercise of local power. Prior to this date, residents had to fight against various development projects, including the construction of a highway, a nuclear power station and several remediation plans. Actor Martin Sheen was a member of Malibu City Council.


Malibu is famous for its beaches and famous residents. The practice of surfing, near the Malibu wharf, marks the location by which this sport has entered continental America.

At the northern end of the city, at Point Dume, the coast begins to rise above the Pacific. Paths lined with cactus and brooms lead to the cliffs. From above, you can see the sea lions playing with the surfers.

Point Dume offers an incredible panoramic view, in winter it is the ideal location to try to glimpse migrating gray whales.
Just behind the beach, the Malibu Lagoon State Park is a nature and ornithological reserve where nature lovers can expect to see birds.

There is also Malibu Creek State Park accessible via Mulholland Highway. This park offers wild landscapes of lakes, waterfalls and mountains, which have served as a backdrop for many films and it illustrates one of the currencies of the city : "Where the mountains meet the sea".


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Not to be missed, there is also the vast park of Santa Monica Mountains which is north of Malibu. In this completely wild place, there are still coyotes or pumas.

There is also a Hindu temple, built in 1981, located near Calabasas. It is owned and operated by the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California.

Here are some essential beaches :

Paradise Beach Cafe

Where we can sit in Adirondack style chairs planted in the sand!

Every weekend, this very 1950's-style restaurant is stormed at brunch time!

Surfrider Beach

It's a hot spot for surfing. She was with Hawaii the surfing capital of the world in the 1950s. She is famous for her huge waves. It has also been named the first World Surfing Reserve.


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Zuma Beach

It is the largest beach in Malibu and one of the busiest in summer by locals and families.

El Matador Beach

She is known for her impressive rock arches. Do not miss this visit. This marvel of nature deserves because this beach is steep and you can reach it by rather steep stairs.


Numerous films and television series have been filmed in Malibu, including The Planet of the Apes, the Hannah Montana series. The Newport Beach series is also filmed partly in Malibu, especially for the exterior shots of the Cohen House.

My Uncle Charlie is a sitcom with most of the action in a beachside villa in Malibu, but the best-known series in Malibu is of course Baywatch.

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In the animated series The Simpsons, Lisa often refers to her doll named Malibu Stacy.

In the Mentalist series, Patrick Jane has a residence in which his wife and daughter were murdered. The actor who embodies him, Simon Baker, currently resides in Malibu.

The first One Direction clip, Whats Makes Your Beautiful, was shot on Malibu Beach.

In 2017, the American singer Miley Cyrus released a title called Malibu, the clip of the latter being shot in the vicinity of the city.

Many products have been named after the city, although none are manufactured locally: the Chevrolet Malibu, the Barbie Malibu or rum Malibu.

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All this gives me even more desire to go, don’t you?


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First thing: Hole - "Malibu". Worth to listen :D

this is an incredibly beautiful place :)
I'm outside the window with cold and frost, cloudy weather, and looking at pictures from the beaches of Malibu, it gets warmer to me :)
This is definitely the place that should visit. The mountains meet the sea - it's just a delightful place. In the world there are few analogues to the beauty of Malibu. Though Montenegro comes to mind, but this is quite another place.
Indeed, about Malibu was filmed many different films, as well as documentary films. Until now, I did not attach importance to the fact that in honor of the malibu, some half products and even a car were named.
Thanks, that was interesting.


😊 Here we have zero degree it's a pleasure to make a post on Malibu 😎

Make sure you stop by Beverly Hills when you visit! Followed and resteemed!

If de think of place make you wan go,Malibu nae be the best location make man fit travel go and man go enjoy himself Wella I just spoke pidgin English,from what I have heard and read , it's very pellucid that Malibu got it all captivating, a place one should visit. Thanks for sharing


Wow awesome beach @indesta120282

That baywatch trailer hahaha i loved it!

Wooow! its an Awesome place Wonderfull photography
Beautiful explination Thanks for sharing
I wish i will go there
Thanks for sharing

Malibu looks so beautiful. I just hope to visit one day.

needs to be re-seen from the substance of its geographical civilization ....

lets go! wheres your passport

that was beautifull place ... i imagine
how much money to collect to get there

I'm going to look good.
I wish you all the happiest things.
Have a nice day :)

Wonderful place .
thanks fo sharing



wow..very nice.. thanks for sharing

Nice place but lots of dollars need to stay there.i wish i found a treasure and live there.

you have discovered a new place for us too, thank you @lndesta120282

Wow. Soa beautiful @lndesta120282

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really it's amazing place...
if i were visit it!!
u must be a ucky man if can enjoy that.
all the best.


The place And the scenery is very beautiful.

Malibu haven't been to this place but your write up has made it so fascinating and your words almost have put forward the beauty of Malibu. Though all places have something special but in the end it's all nature we should love & cherish

Wonderful place.

I hear Venice is a better beach on the California coastline if you're in the LA area. But Malibu is a gorgeous area for sure. As far as cities, LA is one of the largest in the US and easily among the most famous, Malibu is better known, thus Venice is far less populated by crowds and tourists. Just a few thoughts. These are some great pictures!

I'm headed to Florida for some sunshine and to maybe hit the beaches, so I'll have picture of the Gulf Coast down there! :)


Beautiful write up, really cool to hear about the history of Malibu. Thanks @Indesta120282

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I have seen so much of this place in the tv. hehehe.. It is really beautiful indeed

@lndesta120282 I always have the impression that Malibu is for the rich and for those who can afford high-end stuff. It looks good though. ^^

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excellent post share again, beautiful travel place, CABRILLO BEACH is very nice for child,

share video very nice, i watch after, thank you


Good pic

  ·  last year (edited)

Malibu is indeed a sight to behold, a great place to visit for vacation. Thanks for helping me discover a place where 'Mountains meet the sea'

Its so beautiful place.....Natural feelings touch my mind

Malibu is one of those places dreamed to go surfing and have a good time. Thanks for sharing this excellent post. Long live surf and good life