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Good evening friends!
You know what, i love the sky and clouds.
I have a photo collection from blue sky and clouds that i would like to share some of these with you right now.
Iranians have a famous contemporary poet,painter, his name is " Sohrab Sepehri " .
He have a poem that say:

" Wherever I am, the sky is mine. "


He is my favourite poet and i love him so much.


Should i stay or should i go?!!


I should say that i'm a girl in the air.
I fly in the sky with my imagin and my eyes.
You know what, in my opinion each cloud is look like something we see around us every day. Just need an observant looks
Same as me ✌🏻😜😋💪🏻🖐🏻😍🙂😃



Sun fire!



Flag of my beautiful and lovely country.



Sun Light


Finding a bird in the sky when you could watch.


sunrise looks spectacular in the nature;

sunrise looks spectacular in the photos;

sunrise looks spectacular in the paintings;

Because it really is spectacular.
( Mehmet murat ildan )



من عاشق آسمون هستم ، واسه همينم همه بهم ميگن دختر سر به هوا ، ( مديونين فكر كنين غير از اين دليل خاص ديگه اي داره) 🤣😂😋😃، بچه كه بودم هر وقت با ماشين مسافرت مي رفتيم و راه طولاني بود و ما غر ميزديم كه چرا نمي رسيم ، مامانم واسه اينكه حواس مارو پرت كنه توجه مارو به آسمون و ابرهاش جلب ميكرد ، با هم يه بازي مي كرديم و اون اين بود كه يه ابر رو انتخاب مي كرديم و هر كس مي گفت اين ابر شبيه چيه ؟!
هر كس حدس هاشو مي گفت و به چيزاي با مزه و جالب و خنده داري ميرسيديم ، اون موقع از نظر ما يه بازي بود ولي الان كه بزرگ شدم ميفهمم مامانم تو اين بازي ساده داشت يه درس بزرگ به ما ميداد ، اينكه به اندازه ي همه ي آدم هاي كره ي زمين ديد و نگاه هاي مختلفي وجود داره پس براي خودت هميشه زندگي كن و راه خودتو برو و هميشه مراقب چشمات باش كه خوبي هارو بيشتر ببينه!


Look at the sky and clouds sometimes!



Live with Love!!!

I love your name!

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