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There are countless places to visit in Trabzon, where you can rest your soul with its magnificent natural beauties, eye-catching historical places, and the most beautiful tones of green and blue wherever you look. For this reason, we have compiled 6 places you should visit if you go to Trabzon, which is the crown of our heads with its delicious local foods, hazelnuts and indispensable tea.

1-Sumela Monastery


This magnificent monastery, which dominates the Altındere valley in the Maçka district of Trabzon, is one of the first places that come to mind when Trabzon is mentioned. Although there are many stories about the Sümela Monastery, which is seen as the symbol of the city, the story you will probably hear most often is that two priests from Athens had the same dream, unaware of each other, and both of them dreamed of Hz. It is the request of Mary and the Prophet Jesus to build a monastery. Trabzon Emperor III. Alexios is thought to be the true founder of the monastery.

            In the church covered with frescoes, the figures of Mary, the birth of Jesus, the life, the creation of Adam and Eve, Michael and Gabriel are depicted in many different frames.

You can reach this monastery, which is considered to be quite sacred for Christians, by your private vehicle, you can also take buses to Macka or take advantage of our Trabzon car rental opportunities for a more comfortable transportation while going to the monastery, and you can rent the most suitable vehicle for you and continue your trip in the direction you want.



Uzungöl, which is a touristic highland village in Trabzon, is known as the eco-tourism center of Trabzon as the focal point of both local and foreign tourists. With its unique scenery and natural beauties, it never compromises on impressing its visitors, although it receives heavy rain all year round. In Uzungöl, which is most popular in the spring months, tree species such as Eastern Spruce, chestnut and alder will be accompanied by many animal species such as squirrels, badgers and wild ducks. You can tour by bike and add an unforgettable taste to your trip with trout and local Black Sea dishes. There are also various seating areas and restaurants where you can go to relax in front of this magnificent lake view.

    While providing transportation to Uzungöl, you can take advantage of our cheap car rental opportunities in Trabzon for a more comfortable transportation and you can rent the most suitable vehicle for you and continue your trip comfortably in the direction you want.

3-Çal Cave

Çal Cave, which is located on the Kulakköy stream in Düzköy district of Trabzon province, is an important stopping point for tourists as it is the second longest cave in the world. The cave has a very wide mouth and a small stream flows in it. When you move a little further from the entrance, at the end of the left arm of the cave, which opens to two separate branches, there is a chimney through which the water from the doline flows; There is a waterfall and a small lake just ahead of his right arm. Do not forget to photograph the stalactites in the cave and this pure state of nature. There are also accommodation facilities 7-8 km from the cave.


Akçaabat, which is the largest district of Trabzon province with its population, is located in the north of Düzköy and Maçka and in the west of Trabzon. Milk and dairy products, butter, cheese and ice cream are among the tastes you should not leave without trying it while you are in the town. It is famous for its meatballs that will remain in your palate, vibrant horons and its unique traditions, including elements specific to the Trabzon region. Akçaabat, which was famous for its tobacco for a period until the late 90s, is also rich in natural beauties.

If you happen to be in this district, where the best time to visit is summer, do not miss Sera Lake and Orta Neighborhood. Reflecting the 19th century with its streets, fountains, walls and stairs, Orta Mahalle bears important traces of the civilian urban architecture of the Ottoman period.

Located in the Central District, St. You can also visit Michelle Church and Dingle Valley, in addition to this, activities held at certain times depending on the period you come from will help you add pleasant moments to your trip.

5-Trabzon Atatürk Mansion

indir (2).jpg

Located in a small pine grove in Soguksu district, this mansion was built by Konstantin Kabayanitis at the beginning of the 20th century and remained a treasure after 1923. Atatürk stayed in this mansion during his visits to Trabzon between 1934-37. After his death, it was turned into a museum by leaving the belongings used at that time by Trabzon Municipality. Accepting visitors for a reasonable fee, this museum is close to a 20-minute drive from the city.

This magnificent mansion, which is 4 floors, has sections such as the guest hall, kitchen, dining room, Atatürk's study room, meeting room, recreation room on the 2nd floor, and reading room and library on the upper floors.

While you're here, don't forget to visit the nearby Trabzon City Museum. For a more comfortable transportation to the mansion, you can take advantage of our Trabzon car rental opportunities and rent the most suitable vehicle for you and continue your trip in the direction you want.

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