Good morning from @thedodgemahal! ☀️

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Our morning routine hasn’t changed much since we started RV life - lots of Grayson cuddles & throw blankets, except that’s tea, not coffee, in that mug 😱
Yup, @richardcrill and I love our coffee, but have become quite the coffee snobs thanks to living in Austin! So, instead of being disappointed over & over with bad coffee, we’re just doing tea until we find good coffee. My hormones will prob be thankful for a break 😂
We officially left our cozy spot in Ruidoso, NM where we finished up some renovations & we’re headed to Flagstaff, AZ to boondock for the night, then making an all nighter across Death Valley 💀
Lots of driving ahead of us for the next couple days, but we wanted to say hi & tell everyone we’re alive!! 😘💕
Travelogue 002 coming soon! 🤟🏼

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How cool! What a great dog.

I love what you guys are doing, and I find myself a bit envious!

Enjoy the journey!

Thank you @whatsup!! Yeah, Grayson is the coolest - he looooves @richardcrill 😂💕

aww so sweet! :)

Ahhhh! The Death Valley trip is beginning. I'll be watching closely for updates!

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