Acapulco Botanical Garden Adventures, Part 1: First Day With A Professional Camera!

in travel •  3 years ago 

"a picture speaks a thousand words"  With that being said, I give you my best photos from the beautiful Acapulco Botanical Gardens.

Stay tuned, theres at least one more of these from the first day.  Today I go and take more!

All were taken with a Nikon D3300 camera, for anyone interested.

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Wonderful [email protected] lily-da-vine.beautiful pictures.upvote and resteemed. Greets

Thank you very much!

With pleasure

Great photos! Looks like a very calm and relaxing place.

It is. Until you see the signs for "zone de aventura" >:D Think tiny sign with an arrow pointing through a canyon valley of boulders :D

Amazing place :)I am curious to see more :)

Beautiful photos, @lily-da-vine! You're making great use of that new camera. :-) I've been to this garden only once, and now, can't wait to return.

Did you go in the Zona De Aventura?!

I've got a problem here, and it stems from my basic botanical ignorance... maybe. I arrived in Acapulco looking for cashews, which my dictionary said were "anarcardos". Nice, I thought: the anarchist nut. Except they're not. The nut would be "nuez la India"!? Anacardiaceae is apparently the cashew family of flowering plants. But even knowing that and trying to translate "cashew NUT" my translation app gives me "nuez de anarcardo". I don't know if my problem is botanical ignorance or the fact that I'm looking at Spanish spanish rather than Mexican coastal spanish. Or I could just look at the pretty pictures (very nice!). I was happier before I read the labels.

You give me some of the best replies, I swear. I didn't expect them to be called that either, but what I do know is that Rebel loves cashewfruit. And I do not haha

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