Walking the streets of Istanbul: streetphoto

in travel •  7 months ago

Modern Istanbul is an extraordinarily beautiful and majestic city, the former capital of four empires – Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman.



A city that holds the secrets of two great civilizations — European and Asian, separated by the Bosphorus Strait. A multimillion-dollar metropolis, leaving a really fantastic impression.


The streets of Istanbul are narrow and ornate, they loop like hare tracks, often bringing tourists to incredible intersections ... without right angles.


The city stands on a hilly area that influenced the features of the local architecture. Istanbul's streets soar upwards and downwards in bizarre waves. Different levels of streets are connected by almost vertical stairs.


Sometimes tourists manage to witness an incredible spectacle: to see the ship, literally floating into the gap between the narrow buildings. This happens if you travel on a street facing the sea.



Navigate in the maze of small streets of Istanbul is not easy even for an experienced traveler, armed with a detailed map. It is difficult to find the right house at the address: it is rare when the streets of Istanbul have the same name at the beginning and at the end. At least for the locals. But even if you get lost, a long walk will certainly bring a lot of interesting discoveries.


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