We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. SUMMER VIBES 💙💦

in travel •  9 months ago

SUMMER VIBES in Mallorca 💦

The destination is only One part of the Journey. Make sure to enjoy yourself along the way. 🌵💦


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Truly I want to tell you, It's a beautiful photo. Very hot weather but in front of swimming pool. very cool, thanks @light.

ooohoo wawow beautiful dont wonder such open people can get heart attack such lovely pic and it seems your having fun of ur life too hot to handle @ligit


We are always having fun together. Thank you!


what you more want from life if your having fun i really like your smile and wish that never goes off beautiful!

Wow! So cool! But I do not have the money to go there ^_^

It's fun to enjoy :)

Have fun beautiful!! 👌

Enjoy your trip 👍 great photo.

nice photo, with an elegant color @ligit

I so love the summer this is the best time of the year


Agree with you, although all seasons are kind of beautiful :)

Beautiful. So romantic. Perfect swimming pool.

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so relax cool