My travel guides for steemians#6 places you must to go in Marrakech

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Today I would like to recommend some coffee shops and designer shops that I have been to in marrakesh. I hope that it’s helpful if you are also going to Marrakech, they are all small travel guides.



Atay Cafe:
It is close to my hostel where I lived, so I went to there a few times. It’s very quiet and less tourists, compared with other famous Cafes. Its vegetables Tajine is recommended. Its mint tea is not recommended, particularly bitter.




Le Jardin:
Jardin is the meaning of the garden, the restaurant is lush and green. It is a restaurant which is a Morocco garden combines with French style, the primary color is green.
I recommend its avocado milkshake, so fragrant!
There is also a small clothing store on the second floor, which is full of French holiday style dresses.




Zwin 'Zwin:
It has a nice rooftop, which you even can see the snow mountain!! And not a lot of tourists, the color of rooftop is white and soft pink, it looks very fresh. Perfect for taking pictures!



Nomad cafe:
The first floor of Nomad is a small household shop which called Chabichic. Upstairs and rooftop are coffee shops. It is a popular place for hot Instagramer, many instagramer come here and make photos. When I was there, I also saw some people shotted photos.
Nomad cafe has a very good position where very close to the square, and in the evening you can see amazing sunset on the rooftop of Nomad.



Dar Cherifa:
It’s a quite fancy restaurant, but the price is not expensive. And anyway they also just have Tajine, the most popular Morocco food and almost the only Morocco food.
The atmosphere is so romantic, it’s a good place for couple dating.


A famous designer brand on Instagram. The designer comes from Belgium. So the style of this brand is inspired by Moroccan local element combines with European minimalism style.
Irnce Studio located far away from Marrakech, it’s almost in another city. I had to take a taxi to get to there. And I also had to make an appointment in advance. The Studio is really great, it’s a showroom, and it’s also an office, there are three designers, they work together in the studio, and all the goods are limited, all collections are just produced very few.


Atay Cafe 是离我住的hostel很近的一家咖啡店,所以去了几次,相比较其他网红咖啡店,这里也比较安静,蔬菜塔吉锅还是很推荐的,因为里面的包菜!大部分塔吉锅里可都是大量的土豆片。他家的薄荷茶不推荐,特别的涩又苦。

Le Jardin 是一个法国小姐姐带我去的餐厅,Jardin就是花园的意思,整个餐厅都是葱葱郁郁的,主打绿色色调,推荐他家的牛油果奶昔,非常香浓!

Zwin‘ Zwin 天台可以看到雪山!!而且游客不是很多,整个天台都是白色和嫩粉色系的,看起来很清新。很适合拍照!

Nomad 他家一楼是Chabichic,一个很小的家居店。楼上和天台都是咖啡店。他家可以说是网红聚集地了,我在的时候就看到有人很有架势的给美女姐姐拍照。他家的位置非常好,就在广场附近的一个小巷子里,而且一到傍晚时分,整个天台俯瞰到的景色非常绮丽。

Dar Cherifa 看起来很fancy的餐厅,但价格不贵,吃的一般,反正就是塔吉锅,羊肉塔吉锅还不错,就是量小,根本吃不饱,吃完了又去广场撸串了。环境很棒,去的大部分都是情侣。据说夏天的时候中间的棚顶是打开的,天台景色也很不错。



I wrote a story a while back about Marrakesh although I have never been. I thought the place was very intriguing and someplace I would love to go some day. Did you enjoy your stay there and what cultural places did you go?

Thanks for your nice comment @davidallenjones! I went to many places and enjoyed just to stroll around in the city..

Looks like I may have to steel these places for my Travel Pro Hang Out Hotspot Series! lol Great Post Li...lot's of fun! Wishing you the best from Santiago Chile! -Dan

Hahaha, you are welcome to steel the places! Oh yes, if you wanna travel pro, go to Morocco! Very affordable and great to spend some time relaxing..:-)

That is great to hear. Morocco has always been in the back of my mind, but I haven't spent a minute researching it. So glad to know it's Travel Pro Budget Friendly! :)

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很喜欢Irnce呢 北非元素结合西北欧那种简洁风格很不错 你是搞时装设计之类的吗 觉得你的衣服都很好看 :)

因為人好看 (喝多了XD)

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