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I’m just back in Switzerland, I have already begun to miss the good weather in Morocco. Miss the strong sunshine and warm temperatures, and I also miss sitting on the roof and looking at the clouds, enjoy the simple happiness. Today I’ll share with you an amazing beach city—Essaouira.



I paid a one-day tour in the hostel of Marrakech where I stayed, which means that I can share a big car with others few people and go from the hostel directly to Essaouira. Because local bus took about 4 hours to Essaouira, and I also had to take a taxi to Marrakech bus station. And I didn’t have much time left in Morocco, so I can just go to Essaouira for a day.



I saw this on the road, but if you want to make photos with these little sheeps together, you have to pay.


But in fact, I so regret that I paid this one day tour. At eight o 'clock we left from our hostel, but the driver also stopped in some shopping spots, so it also took us four hours to get to Essaouira. When we arrived, it was already 12:00am. And at 4:00pm we had to rush back, so in the end we just could stay in Essaouira for four hours.





Essaouira is located on the Atlantic coast of southwest Morocco. In Arabic, “Essaouira” means "picturesque". It has a long and nice texture beach. Due to the Atlantic ocean always it has huge waves, so many tourists come here for surfing.
It has a temperate climate, charming scenery, and is called the most pleasant tourist city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.





Old city(Medina)of Essaouira is very different from other old cities in Morocco. The houses are all in blue and white color, and it still as gorgeous as in its golden era. Many white houses with the blue wooden doors, noisy bazaar and quite winding alleys. For historical reasons, there are always many immigrants move in, so it preserves a diverse culture that made it does not look like traditional Africa.








是啊 天空真的很美




羊比人都灵活 哈哈哈哈

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