Follow me exploring the great city–Sarajevo/跟我一起探索伟大的城市萨拉热窝

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Once Sarajevo was embattled city. About 20 years ago, inhumane siege battle happened in here and it lasted for 4 years. During this period, all residents trapped in the siege of sarajevo and struggling to survive every day. Milllions of people died from gun shorting and starving, lots of children from birth to witness the shooting and bleeding.
There are still many buildings in sarajevo with bullet holes, on hillside there are many tombstones. When you stroll through the city and you can still feel the deep pains of the city and how it had suffered.

Sarajevo was a great development during The Ottoman Empire, they had built water systems and mosques, many bazaar and public baths. During this period, many christians converted to Islam.



The Austro-Hungarian Empire once again brought great development to the city. During this period, various factories and big buildings were built, and many institutions were westernized and modernized.


After that, sarajevo was also a city where Muslim culture and Christian culture blended.

But sarajevo became part of Yugoslavia after the first world war. Later, the nazis bombed sarajevo. After the liberation, sarajevo was once again developed and the winter Olympics was held. But not for long, the bosnian war broke out in 1992, the Serbian army surrounded the sarajevo and most sarajevo civilians were slaughtered, population even shrunk to 64% before the war.


Sarajevo is a place where big history rolls over, and the city is still full with the trace of prosperity and war








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Oh yeay! i've been waiting for your blog about Sarajevo and it's finally here.
I'm amazed at how much you know about the history of the city. It is interesting indeed.

Great post!
Yes, they went through terrible moment not so long ago...
It seems to be such an interesting place to visit!


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