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Mostar is a famous city in Bosnia, although the city is very small, many tourists are visiting the place due to the famous old bridge. Many people come from Dubrovnik to Mostar, and most tourists just make a day tour for a visit.




Mostar is located in a valley, so it’s seriously cold in winter, and super hot in summer and it’s the hottest city in Bosnia.



We took a bus from Sarajevo to Mostar, and we took the train back to Sarajevo from Mostar. I have to warn that the departure time the of train is not fixed and can not be found on the Internet. It can only be asked at the railway station and also you can’t buy the train tickets in advance at the railway station. Our train departed at 6.45 am, which is not very convenient for people who like to sleep a bit longer. Still we decided to take the train and it was absolutely worth getting up early. The view is amazing and the train now is very modern and we had a whole carriage just for our self.




Mostar was badly damaged during the Bosnian war and many buildings in the city have not been repaired.


It is a historic city with a grand mosques and churches. The most famous tourists spot is the old stone bridge. In the summer, many people jump from the bridge and dive in the river.


The cuisine in Mostar is not very rich and most restaurants have similar menus. Almost all of them are selling exactly the same food. We ordered a dish of grilled shrimps and grilled fish in a restaurant and it was really tasty. More than I expected, they are very fresh, the fish meat was tender, and the shrimp was tight.



Mostar is so small that walking through it takes less than an hour. But the night there is quiet, and there are few tourists. If you have enough time, I suggest you stay up for a night.




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this looks like an adventure i would like to try, and the food looks yummy

Wonderful photos :) well worth a re-esteem :) Thanks @liflorence!

Thanks dear!:-)

Yup, it is one if the best cities in the world to me. I used to live there, it was time of my life. Next time when you stop by steem me a comment or something, I can show you hidden treasures of Mostar that you probably haven't seen yet. Peace and steem on! <3

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