Trekking Nepal (Part 7): Just gonna send it

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"How long do you think this will take to arrive in Australia?"

"Maybe.... Two month"

2018_09 - Nepal-266.jpg

With our post cards now patiently waiting to be picked up, and walked back to Besisahar where we started our journey, it was time to push on.

As we gained elevation, the true scale of the mountain ranges we were traversing became much clearer

2018_09 - Nepal-269.jpg

So did the risks we were taking...

2018_09 - Nepal-272.jpg

Although with Tilak leading the way, it always felt like we were going to be alright. I don't know whether is was his constant jokes about getting a frost-bitten cock (Black Banana), or his reassurance that despite medical advice to the contrary, it was fine to drink at any altitude... But I know for sure the trek wouldn't have been the same with anybody else!

2018_09 - Nepal-278.jpg


Thanks inprovision! How are you finding using Partiko? I've been meaning to give it a crack for a while now