Wallis running trip, Switzerland

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This is a post about a little trip I made in September with my best friend. The aim was to enjoy to mountains as much as possible in 4 days.
Wallis is a district south west of Switzerland. There are two official languages, french and swiss german.

I took this picture during a short 10k run from the town of Zinal, Val d'Annivier. The sunny face is called Weisshorn, at an elevation of 4506 meters (14783 feet).

This picture was taken during the same run from a sharp ridge sculpted by glaciers thousands of years ago.

Crossing a creek on the way to Arpittetaz refuge.

Arpitettaz refuge (2790m, 9153ft), with the Zinalrothorn in the background (4221m, 13848ft).

The rocky face of the Weisshorn seen from milon pass (3000m, 9848ft).

Running up milon pass.

Clouds above Tracuit refuge, 3300m, 10826ft.

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Now that looks like running heaven! Following.


Thanks, one of many heavens on earth!

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