From the dock to Rubiah Island

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Let me take you again to my travel series that still stuck in this beautiful island. Believe me, its story is hard to be ended. I would like to start with the dock where everything was all of a bustle, the docks is crowded when the holiday comes. I mean the first thing as you come into the dock, you see masses and masses of people for a start, and there'd be some boats crossing over. We can see the rent boats are tethered at the lower dock pillar. This dock is not for the big ship where we can hear all all sorts of noise and there would be no ships blowing their whistles, and there would be no stevedores right left and centre, there'd be only local people waiting for the rent boat come to pick them and transport them to their destination. It was a very interesting place to spend while watching people are bustle.


As you can see, the dock was painted by the blue, it appears another side of its beauty . Many visitors come to this place to see the view of the sea. Sabang sea was like the dreamy sea that has a rhythmic pulse which give no comparison with any other part of nature. It express its own sounds and kindles its own symphony that can cheer your holiday time.


Near the dock, a traditional coffee is a place where the visitors can enjoy their time with the drin while enjoying the bustle boats not far from their sight and kill some time while waiting the boat come to pick you up. It was such a glory time to spend in the dock. Not only the boats, coffee shop but we can enjoy a truly part of nature.


From the dock, there was a path that led you to the cafe. The local cafe are already welcoming you soon you put the step on this island. The local people set these booths as tidy as possible so the visitor can feel warm. The welcome scent of coffee wave over the air, calling to my weary legs that tease you to take a rest. Wooden round table reflects the pure nature. The blue plastic chairs shows the simplicity of these caffee. They, like me are also taking a break before heading to their destination.


After passing the dock and cafe, we will find out the cozy spot that allow you to snorkle. Most visitors use this place to spend time snorkling with their family. They stand up to the ankles in seawater and squint through plastic goggles at the clear blue water. Snorkeling is the perfect way to explore the under sea nature that will give you the most wonderful realms. However, there is problem if you dont know how to swim that you can not enjoy snorkling perfectly. At glance, when we see people snorkling are easy. Although it sounds easy, snorkeling can make trouble if we do not possess skills while you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. People mostly snorkel at tropical places and famous diving destinations like Sabang and any other attracted areas. So, I suggest you to learn and to know about snorkle to avoid the troublesome.




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Asyik sekali. Saat berkunjung ke Sabang, saya nginap di Iboih Inn, lalu naik perahu menuju pulau Rubiah, snorkling disana. Keren!

oman ... hawa kali lah kita ke sana lagi ... hahahah

cool bg @levycore

widih cakeep banget,bening sekali airnya,,jadi pengen ikut berenang ni..😃😃

iya airnya sangat benin jadi pas buat kita yang ingin bersnorkeling ria :D

Amazing beautiful✋

Mantap kali bang, kapan di ajak ni wkwk @levycore

Mantap bg saya selalu mengikuti discord Indonesia komunitas.
Salam hangat ksi dari saya untuk para sahabat sahabat steemians Indonesia.

Pemandangan yang sungguh luar biasa dan Aceh, Indonesia saat sekarang ini menjadi daya tarik tersendiri bagi turis mancanegara, terima kasih Curator Indonesia @levycore telah membuat postingan yang sangat luar biasa. Salam kompak steemit Indonesia.

nice photos

mantap, liburan yang sempurna.
Jadi pengen kayak nya

Great post @levycore
Beautiful place and scenery
Thanks for sharing

Pemandangan yang indah. Sukses untuk liburannya @levycore :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Kereeen bang, tapi payah pake gugel translate bacanya karena gada bahasa indonesianya, hehe 😺

ada nemo disitu bg, haha

@levycore,the scenery is very beautiful, I am very impressed to see nice views dipostingan you, good luck always, by @ gomess voters And follow me thank you, regards @esteem, @steemit

Nice picture

Such beauty! Thanks for sharing, @levycore!

I cant agree more with your description...I ever visited the spots you mentioned and they are very fascinating. Sabang is highly recommended to be in our list of targetted destination.

Wah jernih sekali air nya jdi pengen berenang juga @levycore

Top bang 👍

beautiful post with amazing photograph. seems to be so cool place love to watch Dock. keep shairng @levycore

indah sekali, ingin rasanya berkunjung kesana. foto-foto bang @levycore sangat bagus dan perlu untuk dicontoh.

Sabang itu menakjubkan sekali. Liburan ini padat ya di sabang.

Nice pict.... sangat menarik bpk @lavycore

Kalau di aceh masih banyak yang menabjubkan dan pemandangan yang indah, ngapai harus jauh jauh liburan ke negeri orang.
Kapan barengan dengan komunitas steemit ni bang? @levycore

salam kepada kurator indonesia @levycore

sangat indah
panorama alam indonesia

tiada duanya bang @levycore
tidak berkedip maya saya melihat nya hehehe

salam @sultan-aceh

Pemandangan menakjubkan. Tulisan ini membuat saya ingin berkunjung ke pulau ini. Karena selama hidup saya belum pernah kesini. terimakasih @levycore postingannya menambah wawasan saya tentang daerah wisata di Aceh

Beautiful...I would to travel there

Good Rubiah Island @levycore terimakasih salam KSI

Pajan lom yak? Haha

Sabang memang sangat memukau dengan keindahan lautnya bang @levycore

Beautiful seaside action in lovely Indonesia!
Keep Steemin!

perlu buat jembatan dr banda ke sabang, akses mudah, kunjungan rame,

Terima kasih @levycore sudah membawa ingatan saya kembali untuk mengenang keindahan alam Rubiah Island Sabang yang luar biasa, mudah-mudahan keindahan sabang tetap terpelihara sampai ke anak cucu kita dan memberikan kontribusi untuk perekonomian Aceh khususnya warga Sabang.

Mantap jiwa bang levy 😎😎😎

Pemandangan luar biasa indahnya..kepingin berwisata ke tempat itu bersama keluarga di hari libur ini.

greetings friends steemit

I loved this post. Such a beautiful island. The snorkeling looks like so much fun, in that clear blue water.

Pesona iboh rubiah memang luar biasa , membuat kita bisa berlama lama di air menikmati indah ikan di bawah sana apalagi bisa nyelam bersama ikan sambil memberi makan, wah

Wow indahnya alam indonesia,