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For some time, one of my goals was to capture big waves from an  in water perspective, and eventually, that happened. The biggest  forecast of the last 3 years, know as ''Storm Dori'' was scheduled to  hit the Portuguese coast last week and only a few big wave surfers were  in town for it. Was invite by my friend and big wave surfer Andrey Karr and  to film some of the action on the back of a jetski. 

That afternoon, was  the most amazing and scariest experience of my life. Escaping from 60ft  wave coming from all directions is something that I've never had  imagining myself doing. Andrey and Portuguese surfer Hugo Vau tried to ride some of those big monsters while I was kept safe by Justine Dupont. 

Was an amazing experience, one that I surely will repeat enures times, huge thanks to Andrey from MonsterWave and Justine from RedBull for driving me around and also Fred and Hugo Vau for being there with their years of experience.

Cheers, Leo

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Nice and beautiful !

Nice job on the advertisement, I sure hope you had a great time and, judging by the comments you left us with, it must have been a total blast! Thanks for sharing the fruit of your adventure with us all on

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Thank you very much for those words!


My pleasure! Namaste :)

You must be very adventurous.


Sometimes! ahah

Now you've officially experience Nazaré in proper form! Did you bring only a GoPro out? My favorite part was after the big wave passes by and I felt like I was going down on a rollercoaster...screaming all the way haha! Great post :)